Ken personality—she expects other people to give her

Ken Kesey is the author of this
book and he got inspired to write
this book because he even felt as if the patients he would talk to were not
actually insane, but it was the outside world that drove them to their
insanity. What better way to get rid of someone by locking them up where people
are scared to visit and would never believe a word they are saying? The author uses
the character Randle P. McMurphy as the only sane person while the asylum is
slowly driving the other patients insane. His sanity allows him to be characterized
as a hero that saves the patients. McMurphy slowly takes these sick patients
into a slow, recovery journey by causing laughter around him. He is portrayed
as a symbol of freedom by not following any of the rules and getting the other
patients to rebel with him. But soon he is defeated and turned to a vegetable
by the hospital staff. The lack of humor, sexual expression and freedom in the
patients keep them stuck in the hospital not being able to leave, and that is
why McMurphy shaped their sanity, because of the different traits he brought
upon each and every patient, and they needed this in order to begin recuperating.

            The way the author portrays Nurse Ratched is how he felt
about the government. It is very controlling, doesn’t care what the people
think, and it is always right. She has a narcissistic personality—she expects
other people to give her their undivided attention and admiration. “The Big
Nurse tends to get real put out if something keeps her outfit from running like
a smooth, accurate, precision-made machine.” (28) She likes to downgrade the
patients and intimidate them, by menacing them. She tries to disparage Billy by
saying how she is ashamed of his actions for what he is caught doing with Candy.
“Oh, Billy Billy Billy—I’m so ashamed for you.” “What worries me, Billy,” she
said—I could hear the change in her voice—”is how your poor mother is going to
take this.” (314) She lacks empathy for the patients because no matter what she
does, she makes them get worse and worse. She knew that the pill would make the
guys get a seizure and if they didn’t drink the pill, they would get shock
therapy. So either way they end up losing, and like always she wins. “Damned if
you do and damned if you don’t. Puts a man in one confounded bind, I’d say.”
(179) I believe the reason why the nurse has no empathy for any of the
patients, is so she can prove a point and for the patients to fear her. Nurse
Ratched is the main person who has all the control over the patients. She is
able to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She symbolizes society’s
demand for conformity. “What she dreams of there in the center of those wires
is a world of precision efficiency and tidiness like a pocket watch with a
glass back, a place where the schedule is unbreakable and all the patients who aren’t
Outside, obedient under her beam, are wheelchair Chronics with catheter tubes
run direct from every pantleg to the sewer under the floor.” (29)

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            Society is viewed as a machine that obligates all of us
to follow its specific rules. If we don’t, we are punished. We don’t actually
have a say in society. In the society we are living today, no one is free to do
anything anymore. Even though we have the freedom of speech and expression, we
aren’t really allowed to do so. Individuals get shut down and hurt mentally and
sometimes physically because they speak against something they do not agree
with.  People who spoke out about the
president and why they don’t agree with him, get sent to jail. Individuals who
aren’t for the president, are getting harassed and humiliated by the president’s
followers. This book showed us all that. Nurse Ratched showing a high authority
who wants everything going her way and disciplining those around her so they
can obey her. McMurphy was the little bit of hope the patients had and since
the nurse did not agree with it and knew he had more followers than she had,
she decided to take it into her hands and shut him down.