Lab report

The soap had a sizable smaller number of drops which was the same as my hypothesis but it was for the wrong reason. My hypothesis said that the bubbles would take up extra space, but the real reason soap had such a small amount of drops is that soap is designed to repel H2O. Soapy H2O had the biggest difference.

All the other waters averaged around 32 rope but soapy He’s average was 20. 3. The reason for this is that soap is designed to repel H2O. Some of the soap must have stuck to the penny, thus pushing the water off. Experiments like this can be used to create a chemical that can repel water really well. Or something that can attract water really well. Future experiments could be improved on by removing some of the variables by using some machine that creates consistent same sized drops every time, and using a cleaning agent on the penny before every trial.

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