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Like Stella, Eunice accepts her husband’s affections despite his physical abuse of her. At the end of the play, when Stella hesitates to stay with Stanley at Blanches expense, Eunice forbids Stella to question her decision and tells her she has no choice but to disbelieve Balance. Williams uses Eunice to again show that not only Balance and Stella are experiencing gender disparity, but this theme is inherent for all of the women connected in the play. Williams portrays the theme of sex and reality vs.

. Fantasy being the main reasons as to the males being the higher standing sex compared to the female.Blanches imagination of a Sheep Hunting swooping down on New Orleans to rescue her from the brutal animal Stanley is used by Williams to display Blanches weakness and her dependence on men in order to make sure her life is lived out to the fullest. Blanches relationship with Mitch is meant to be portrayed by Williams as how Balance wanted her ideal man to be like, which would be like Allen her young deceased husband. Williams again shows Balance as living in a fantasy world, where she believes that obtaining a husband as close to Allen as possible will put her life back into order.

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Stella is also shown having a sexual relationship with Stanley is her way of being dependent of men to have a good life. Stella was also seen in the Scene Three stage directions as being turned into an animal just like Stanley sue to their constant interaction. The relationship between Stanley and Stella is used by Williams to again display the women’s weakness to sex in the play and that dependence on men for a happy life is intricately linked to a sexual relationship, thus it will not be a full and real relationship between a man and a woman. Only the man would benefit from such an arrangement.