Le Corbusier

The curved shapes of the walls will create secondary spaces, it is similar to how hills create dips in elevation that create natural niches. Assistant : And how do you relate the roof design with the hill? Lee Couriers : That’s why the curving roof placed atop the curving walls give the impression of something that was kneaded and molded in the reflection of the sloping hills that surrounded the building. Assistant : Wow! That’s sound convincing.

So, how do you respond to the site? Lee Couriers: Good question! Vive been waiting for that to come.Actually, I interested to response to site with the acoustic of the landscape, starting with the four horizons and conceiving his architecture in acceptance and in harmony with them. Assistant : Oh.. That’s why every side of the building you make each of the horizons is visible that creating a ” vessel of intense concentration and meditation”. How that heavy roof appears to be floating on wall? Do you think it is possible to make it? Lee Couriers : Actually, it can be done.

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It’s easy! The roof will rest upon thick vertical columns embedded in the wall. There are hidden columns inside the wall that supporting the roof.You know, there will be a gap between wall and roof.

I want to create a dazzling crack of light and give room an airier feel. It is symbolizing the miracles that were witnessed in the early Christianity. Assistant : I see.

I’m interested in the exterior. Have you thought of it yet? Lee Couriers: I saw it fitting to focus on the exterior spaces of the chapel since..

. Assistant : Since…

The climate in Rancho is temperate, and even mild in the winter months, ay? Lee Couriers : Yes! That’s correct! For instance, concave walls on the East side of the building provide the frames for an exterior alter.The giant roof also launches off the edge of the wall exterior alter protects the worshipper from overpowering rays of sunlight but also gives them the sense of having open space to pray… Lee Couriers : And.

. Also, fenestration is predominately seen on the south faded, which is where window placement is most ideal. Assistant : Mm, about the walls.

… Lee Couriers: It consists of very thick walls, with its windows tucked into the heart of the structure, so the inside doesn’t receive strong rays of sun.

Assistant: Then, the absurdly thick walls must function for thermal massing.Lee Couriers: Surprisingly, hey don’t. Assistant : Whys that? Lee Couriers: Because the walls are almost hollow.

It is a cool place in my opinion. The white walls reflect all heat that is directed towards the building, unlike dark warm colors that soak the heat in. Also, the inside of the chapel receives very little light, which creates a cool atmosphere. There is no soft, warm textures in the building but instead a mixture of rough concrete and stone. Assistant : Well, it could thrive in its physical surroundings and it helps strengthen worshipper’s senses spiritually as well. Now I would call that a true work of art.