Leadership in Roman society

These qualities worked for both Cat and Augustus very well to win the people and senate over cause of what they did in memory of them. Cat the elder started off his life relatively humble compared to others.

He started young working with his hands and serving his time in a war. Going from village to village Cat had this expression about him that made others want his counsel. Cat would never deny anyone counsel and was also lawyer if need be.

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Being the good man that he was, Cat never accepted money for his counsel or put a high price on winning any type of fight.At the young age of seventeen he went out on his first battle and would fight with no fear. “In engagements he would strike boldly, without flinching, stand firm to his ground, fix a bold countenance upon his enemies, and with a harsh threatening voice accost them… ” (Skylarks, 94) This kind of fighting Just proves that even at such a young age he was a strong man. Now there is no question as to Augustus being a strong man or not because he was one indeed.

To gain the title of consulship when he was twenty he sent deputies and threatened the city. Not long after that he worked his way up to the highest office in the state.Many associations that were of the ancient standing and seen by the law were dissolved. Lastly Augustus took off any name of a criminal that had been waiting a long time but Just for them to be humiliated. Justifying this he said that if the accused was going to go through the humiliation that the accuser would have to as well. Clearly Augustus was different in his ways of changing the city but also very helpful in its progress.

Being at the top of anything political with gain you supporters but also enemies at the same time. Because of this one must learn to not be afraid of what may come his way.Cat is a rime example of this when he had to deal with his enemies with the wealthy after his improvements of the city. There were many people in Fulmination’s party in the Senate that canceled contracts and bargains.

Also they opposed him for building a basilica by the Senate-house. Finally they had the tribunes of the people fine him two talents. Cat had his fair share of enemies to deal with while at the top so he could not be afraid. With a military background, Augustus had to learn not to be fearful early on.

In fact he learned it so well that he disciplined his troops to the extreme.Visiting home was restricted to the winter season and only on special occasions. If someone left a post they would be punished by death. Any other wrongdoing was met with different kinds of punishment such as, standing at the praetorian in tunics only all day, carrying poles ten feet long or even sods of ground.

This kind of behavior helped Augustus later on when moving up the ladder in the Senate. He had learned to not be afraid from serving in the army. When he came to power he was not as harsh but he made sure that what he wanted to be done was done.Not being afraid f what may happen to him once he was on top was thanks to his background in the military. Now with all of these wonderful qualities that each man had for running Rome, each had things done in their memory. Even though each had a fair share of enemies, in the end they were loved by the people. Cat actually had a statue of himself in the temple of the goddess of Health.

Underneath it they put Cat the Censor because he was wise, had good discipline, and brought the Romans back from a decline in wealth. Augustus on the other hand had a lot more done in his Emory than Cat.First off he was named Father of His Country which he agreed to the title after declining at first. After dying, Augustus’ body was carried to his hometown of Village where it was finally placed in his home. Many people had suggestions as to what to do with his body in remembrance but in the end it was decided to be moderate and have two funerals. The one funeral was in front of the temple of Julius and the second one was before the roster by Drugs. After this the body was lifted up on the shoulders of some senators and carried to Campus Martins