Learning to Trust God

It is amazing how dramatically your life can change in a matter of seconds.

As a military child I grew accustomed to moving every couple of years. When we moved to Colorado the summer before ninth grade though, the deal was I would graduate there. Over time, I began to trust this new deal and made a life for myself in the mile high city.

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These were my scrapbook years, filled with “perfect memory” images of my first homecoming, first love, and best friends. Mid-Junior year, it took my dad exactly two seconds to say three words – “I got orders” – and alter my destiny once again. Those three words were the deal breaker.

Worse yet, they broke a deal over which I had no control – or so I thought.Although Dad’s words were simple, it took months for me to process them. I could not bear the thought of picking up everything and starting over again.

I had everything going for me. My grades were good, my varsity wrestling manager gig was at its peak, lacrosse season was just around the corner, and I was preparing myself for the “life changing” ACT. It was such a weird feeling, having six months to pack everything into this dream, knowing I would wake up and leave it, as if it were nothing real at all. At first I lived in denial, somehow knowing this move would happen, but not honestly believing it.

This helped me to not worry for the most part, but it did nothing to help me prepare for reality.Time went on and the dreaded “moving day” got closer and closer. About two months before we left, our house sold and we moved into temporary base housing. That finally broke through my denial.

I felt the world was caving in on me and wondered how my parents could do such a catastrophic thing to their daughter. I became bitter and moody. Any little thing that was out of the ordinary would send me on an emotional roller coaster, and I felt I always had to be doing something or else I was missing out. In the end, my parents allowed me …