Simple Lesson Plan

Students will be able to identify and use verbs in past. Function talking about friendship and past experiences. Warm- brainstorming Ask students why friendship is important for them. (5 min)Pre- reading 1 Elicit activities that students do with their friends and write them on the board ex run, play, study, read, share etc(5 min)Pre- reading choose some of the activities mentioned by the students and select some kids to come to the board and act ask them to act the activities out. (2 min)Pre-reading show a power point reservation containing the reading students will read.

The reading talks about friendship. The title will include a picture of the main character in the story Appleton. Students already know this character from the last school year. The have read about him before. ( 2 min)While readjustments will read along me.

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I will confirm students know the meaning of certain words and expressions that they might find difficult sour, grapefruit, lips turned outside-in. I will ask some students to mimic the word sour and lips turned outside-in. I will monitor their understanding while hey are reading. ( 5 min)Post-reading 1 Ask comprehension questions orally.

5 min)Language focuses back to reading and ask students to identify all the activities in past they can find in the first slide (all the verbs in the reading are in past) and ask them to tell me how they know they are In past. Make 2 teams (boys and girls) and provide each team with a flyswatter. Slips of paper with verbs In present will be pasted around the classroom before. These verbs are the ones In the reading. T will say the past form of the verb and they will have to look for that verb In the past and SE their flyswatter to get the verb.

Whenever they get a verb I will ask for a sentence with it. (1 5 min) Post-reading referring to the reading and the Importance of having friends T will ask students to write 3 sentences they did during the last week with their friends. Then they will write 3 things Appleton did before his friend Hudson arrived to Plenteous house. (5 ml)Outcome In groups students will talk about a time when they had a problem and a friend or friends helped them.

Students will select one experience from their teams and share It with the class(5 earn)