Life events

Three events that impacted my life was a lifelong dream of wanting to attend college, my supervisor encouragement and accomplishment and having my last child which have medical Issue other children don’t normally have. College was not a way of life for my family. Therefore, my dream was to be the first person In my family to attend and complete college. There were so many people around me attending school and juggling their life.

In taking the time to stand back and watch, it deterred me to want to do the same.By doing so, it will better the life of my kids and me. My supervisor was attending school and she talked to me about the importance of getting an education. I watched her manage three Jobs, five children, her household, and a full load of six classes each semester and be successful at them all. When she graduated from Lone Star Community College, she continued her progress by transferring to Sam State University, where she graduated. My supervisor didn’t stop there; she is continuing on to get her Masters and not letting anything stand In her way.

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She was a true role model In my life. There was never a moment when I heard be discouraging, no matter how the situation looked or sounded. It seemed she had control over everything going on In her life.

She mutinously encouraged me by telling me she would help In any way possible. She started by helping me chose a college and explaining the application process and how to go about getting assistance in many area. No matter what time or the day or night she right there to give her love and support with a smile so bright.

The day final came when I took stand and said college is for me and I know I can do it. There are many people around me doing it every day along with their busy lives. Therefore, I was not about to left behind holding on to a dream. Instead, I put my dream into action by applying for college and financial assistance.

There were many obstacles In the way but I was able to conquer them and move on into the world of college life. What a great stepping stone college has been In my life? I continue to growth and learn plus defeat the odds of my family pass of not attending college.Each day I attend class, it brings about a warm feeling in my heart knowing I am accomplishing some a goal in my life. For generations to come, they can talk about how I was the first person to attend college and graduate with a high GAP. In choosing a field, it was a difficult choice. I started out with accounting before I realized nursing was the place for me. My heart and passion was there wanting to help young children in need of medical care.

All medical fields are important but I think the working with children is my calling.There are many times I tend to my friends, neighbors, and co workers children In order to lend a helping hand. Plus, my child coming Into the world having to have surgery after surgery, not knowing If she was going to make It showed me if I was strong enough to make it through nursing my child back to health, I could differently help another child. Watching the nurses give their kindness, love, and tender care each time they came into the room, touched Times are rough and I often look back to see where I started and how far I have come.Each semester, I complete a course; it is to the best of my ability and give it my all. Nursing is a place where I will fit right in and give the same love and nurturing care to other children that was given to my children.

There is no turning back now; I am on the roll to being a successful college graduate. This is Just one way I can give back to the people who helped me, along with volunteering of my time. Making myself pride is top priority and I will do so by complete my ambition of being a nurse.