Linguistics is a captivating term and it highlights a field no less than the captivating study of “Human Language”. Linguistics may formally be defined as the scientific calculated study of Language. In addition, Linguistics covers various aspects of language which includes the meaning, the context and the history.

The field is as deep as the languages itself. Most major branch of linguistics belongs to the study of language structure; the actual rules followed by a language which is commonly or widely termed as Grammar. Other branch is phonetics which studies how the word is spoken and pronounced according to the context. Linguistics also looks at the broader context in which the language is influenced by social, cultural, historical and political factors. Linguistics covers deep in the origin of language, the etymology, its social cultural and political importance, the factors affecting the language and the language’s effect on the human society.

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The study of logical structures and relating it to real world to assign meaning and convey messages is another important part of Linguistics. This category includes the study of semantics and pragmatics, both of which are related to the study of concepts and how the words changes with respect to context. Linguistics vary in disciplines, from literature to diverse fields such as acoustics, anthropology, biology, computer science, human anatomy, informatics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and speech-language pathology.

In practical life, a master of linguists holds an edge over others. A graduate in Linguistics uses language to make sense of the world, this goes for broad and general topics as well as specific expert talks. Linguistics has a very wide role in business communication. You take the communication produced in your business meeting, break it up into sections which identify the hidden meaning and intentions behind the words ; see who communicates what message, and trace the outcome of the meeting. One of the most interesting aspects of having knowledge in linguistics is a person can judge the communication, knowing whether communication is actually happening or if it is in fact failing.

You can earn a B.A and M.A degree in Linguistics. The degree program for linguistics is in existence in order to help us understand in a scientific way the abstract noises and shapes which we use to communicate with each other. The differences between them and what they mean, the rules which govern them and how we understand them are the key factors being focused in all the years of education. Most of world’s major universities offer a degree program in linguistics. The top five being Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Stanford University, and University of Oxford.

The employing rates for a graduate in linguistics are motivating. A Linguistic Graduate can work as a teacher abroad, government administrator or in civil service. Elsewhere, they can show their compatibility and skills by working for dictionary compilers or as editors for the newspapers and other published text. According to a recent survey, 60% graduates who got Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Linguistics get employed within a space of six months. The average pay scale being $25,000-$35,000 and 6% may earn $50,000-$65,000.

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