Little thought of making it a good place

Little feet in dirty boots sneaked their way through the broken woody fence on that day, marching as though they were pirates in search of hidden treasure. The boredom of flying kites in the usual playground drove them to cross the border of the village, in which the famous abandoned house lied in the middle of the cornfield. Now that they have arrived to the house which parents used to tell their children before bed, the house was not as grisly as they always imagined of. Perhaps, the eeriness was a little bit off since they got there in a broad daylight. Their leader, Tony, who was also the brain behind their forbidden journey then offered if they would like to enter the house. “It will be a waste if we don’t get to see the inside, right?” Said Johnny, the second oldest boy tried to convince the other three.

The twins, Mark and Matt eventually agreed after seeing Johnny’s excited face. When they stepped in the creaky stair, however, one person chose to stay behind. “What’s wrong Danny? Won’t you come with us?” Tony asked the youngest boy there.

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Danny then replied his cousin by gesturing his hands, signaling that he would not go because he was kind of afraid. “Alright, wait us here then” Tony replied as he ruffled Danny’s hair in chuckles. While waiting for the other boys to come back, Danny walked around the backyard of the house. There, he found a tree and a well next to it.

Curious of what the well looked like, he moved its cover aside. When he peeped down it was dry, he instantly thought of making it a good place to hide. Thus he went back to the front yard hurriedly to meet his cousins and played his favorite game– hide and seeks. “Have you been waiting long?” asked Tony.

Danny just smiled as he shook his head. “Good boy” Tony replied with another smile. When Tony was about to talk with his siblings, Danny caught his sleeve which suddenly caused Tony to stop. “What is it, Danny?” Tony asked. His cousin then gave him gestures that he would like to play hide and seeks. Tony then nodded his head and the five of them played hide and seek with Tony volunteered as the first “It”.At first, Mark and Matt were giving Tony a hard time because they were good hiders until Johnny accidentally stepped on Matt’s finger, which instantly made the younger twin screamed in pain and got exposed by Tony right after.

What seemed to be very strange after Tony found all three of his siblings was that he still could not find Danny. The rest of them even searched for Danny in the cornfield and still there was not any sign from the youngest boy to appear. Tony immediately grew fears when dark and growling clouds arrived and rained them with a sudden terrible storm. “We have to look for Danny!” Tony shouted to Johnny as he tried to outshout the thunder. “But we can’t!! It’s dangerous look at the thunders!!” Johnny shouted back as he pulled his old brother back inside the house.

“What if something bad happen to him?” Tony insisted. Johnny blocked his way from the door and glared to him, “Then I cannot let anything bad happen to you and us too!”.Tony finally gave up when he looked at the desperate face his siblings had. He hopelessly walked to the window, wishing Danny could be seen anywhere from the square frame. Then he looked at the well under the tree and immediately thought of Danny possibly there.

He jumped off the window and ran into the well. Without giving a second thought he also jumped in the well which already contained water. Johnny reached out a rope from atop the well while crying and shouting his brother’s name. It was nothing but a miracle that Tony managed to save his drowning cousin from the well.  After the storm calmed they got home and feeling guilty of what just happened, Tony promised not to cross the line again.