Look at the sky

On a trip to a different city I do tend to observe the sky, the other cars all of my surroundings.

When I look at the sky it’s nearly afternoon, I notice the odd shapes and texture of the clouds making. While going I glance at the numerous amounts of cars parked on the side of the road, abandoned. I mostly look at cars license plates; I tend to look where the vehicle is from. I also tend to look at what the license plate may be spelling and pictures associated on the plate.

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Being in the car at that exact moment makes it feel almost as a dream.This connects to my essay because I feel most peaceful while riding in a car, and it does feel like a dream. #3 Rain drops run like tears down the window as my Car speeds past another Lay-by lamenting those past bring no solace at the horror of those yet to come ahead an old man struggles his Car is aged, broken down every mile a small mercy as desperately he hopes to carry on begrudging my car’s reliability, I look in sadness as we pass him, he looks wistfully as the sun dances on my shiny paint how I wish I could stop! Give him my engine! Transfer my fuel! Maybe give him my tires! E Road is yet too long I have no strength for it no yearning to drive another Mile best to give to those who want that they may travel past and smile #5 Vocabulary Seed List Essay- a short literary composition on a particular theme/ subject Sentence- grammar, a grammatical unit of 1 or more words that express an independent sentence Paragraph- a distinct portion of written matter dealing with a certain idea noun Noun- describes a person, place, or thing Verb- expresses action, state or a relation between two things that may inflected for tense gaffe By Sinai_Silva