Looking Towards the Future

In reflecting on my own personal goals, I realize that my goals are probably very similar to many others; to be financially stable and secure. I think that I am certainly headed in the right direction as I recently paid off all my prior student loans and car note, leaving me completely debt free. But it’s not Just about being debt free; it’s about having good credit and financial flexibility to be able to work when and how I want; which leads me to my professional goals.In order to achieve financial stability ND flexibility, I must first start my own business or create some type of product that will provide consistent Income. My goal, specifically, Is to start my own consulting company that focuses on providing businesses and Individuals with the tools necessary to effectively use the internet and online applications as a means of conducting business and interacting with customers and clients. I would like to offer online solutions to everyday business problems.

With all this being said, the most important and immediate goal I have in my corsairs is to complete my online education and acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems. I realize that there is no way that I can achieve my personal and professional goals without the proper education and training. By attending Gifford university online and taking my classes one by one, I am certainly getting closer and closer to accomplishing all these goals that I have set out for myself. According to the S. M.

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A. R.T. Goals approach, “Breaking long-term ambitions down Into shorter-term achievable objectives will help you feel proud and effective as you accomplish each step” (Cohen, 2013, p. 3). I truly eel that by taking one class at a time it is not only achievable, it’s specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound; all aspects of the S. M.

A. R. T Goals approach. Just as I can apply this approach with my academic and educational goals, I can most certainly apply it to my personal and professional goals.For example, in order to continue in working towards financial stability and flexibility, I can start by putting money away every paycheck into my savings account. I can also monitor my credit report monthly to ensure there isn’t fraudulent activity occurring. These mailer goals will definitely bring me closer in achieving the personal financial goals I have set out for myself. Professionally, I can apply the S.

M . A. R. T. Goals approach by sitting In and soaking up Information from the IT professionals that I currently work with.

I am fortunate enough to have co-workers that are more than willing to Impart their knowledge of their profession to those, Like myself, that are willing to learn. I can also seek out information online and watch tutorials on the basics of programming. 4), I can more effectively achieve all my larger long-term goals. Accountability Plan and Overcoming Obstacles In order to achieve success in accomplishing my goals, I must first have a plan that requires personal accountability and responsibility.The accountability plan that I have specifically prepared for myself includes time-management, hard work, patience, and resilience. As it relates to the goals mentioned in this essay, I must first create a solid and realistic schedule for myself.

It would be impossible for me to tackle everything without setting specific timeliness for completion. Of course, with fife, things can happen that might set me back from time to time and as needed I will have to update my timeliness for completion appropriately.If I don’t set specific dates to complete items, it somehow feels less attainable and gives more room to make excuses for myself; ultimately setting me back with my long-term goals. Another aspect of my accountability plan includes setting time aside for specific areas of my life, whether it be personal, work-related, or for school.

Trying to Juggle all aspects of life can be challenging at best and cause stress that can potentially affect my health.Chronic stress can lead to digestive and skin problems; progression of immune-related diseases like HIVE/AIDS; and can contribute to sleep difficulties, obesity, depression, anxiety, and a host of other conditions” (Moslem, 2013, p. 5. 1). Appropriately managing my time with everything and everyone that I am involved with will not only help me in more effectively achieving my goals, it will also help in preventing stress related health problems.

Lastly, and most importantly, I will make it a practice of studying hard and giving 100% in everything that I do.I can probably achieve my goals by doing Just the bare minimums but, as an individual, I don’t think I would get as much satisfaction out if unless I knew that I worked my hardest and did my very best to not only get good grades in school, but also performing my best in everyday activities as it relates to both work and my personal life. Pushing myself hard and testing the limits is what truly helps me grow. It’s a good practice, not only is school, but in everything that I do.I realize that achieving the goals I have set out for myself won’t be easy; I will face many challenges and obstacles along the way and I am sure, at times, I will be scourged. One of the challenges I will face as I work in achieving my goals is accepting my own personal flaws and weakness.

I am most certain that I will find myself feeling inadequate and incapable at times. I believe this is a very natural feeling, especially as the pressure of life can tend to bombard us. Part of my accountability plan is to work through my shortcomings and practice patience; giving up is not an option.Regardless of the obstacles that I face as I work towards achieving my goals, as long as I continue to keep motivating myself and reminding myself of the bigger stricture I know I can overcome whatever is thrown my way. As Cohen (2013) stated, “Friends and family can also be a great resource when it comes to managing goals” (p. 4). I too believe that as long as have a strong support system and surround myself with people that encourage and inspire me, I can get through any challenge and solve any problem.Achieving Success Success in achieving my goals will not only be based on following the accountability individual personality, and, of course, the major field in which I am studying.

Prior past experiences have proven to me time and time again that I am more than palpable of handling Just about any challenge that is thrown my way. I am constantly thrown curve balls in life, and somehow I have managed to come out stronger and wiser. If history has proven anything to me, it is that I can do whatever I set my mind to and if I want something badly enough, I simply reach out my hand and take it.My own personality traits play a huge role in my overall success. For instance, I am, definitely an individual with high self-esteem.

As Moslem (2013) noted, “high self- esteem contributes to motivation to achieve goals, greater persistence, and better school performance, setting the stage for more successful work and other positive psychosocial outcomes” (p 6. 3). My high self-esteem and self-efficacy enable me to push to achieve my goals with confidence.In my opinion, confidence is key to success as it relates to Just about everything, including my personal, professional and education goals. Ultimately, and as is specifically relates to the goals mentioned in this essay, my success will be greatly predicated on successfully completing all coursework necessary within my major field of study.

All these goals are completely eased upon learning and practicing the key concepts and tools provided in the coursework for a degree in Information Systems.By taking the first step to return to school and continuing my education, specifically with Gifford University where I can complete my coursework online one class at a time, I am setting a foundation for success.