Lost: High-angle Shot and Target Audience

The trailer is a successful method because it creates a very dramatic impact. In a short space of time, a significant amount of information can be delivered and impact created with effects, music and lighting. This all helps to portray the mood, style and tone of the programmer. Sound, lighting and Mis-en-scene Break in the music to underline what’s going on. The leader says something important so the music stops to add significance to what he has to say. Music to match the mood.

For example, when Hurley was at the graveyard the music changed from a quick pace, to a slow, sad sound. The music slows down so you can remember the people who’ve died. Only includes dialog which is dramatic or significant e. . The Wait Is Over. ‘ Action and Connotation Hurley jumping into the sea connotes joy, this makes the audience think things have taken a turn for the better. Hurley upset and surrounded by graves connotes death, grief, mystery and drama. Jack with a radio connotes hope and contact with the outside world.

Characters and Representation Relationships and friendships are made. Characters are coming together when time gets tough for support. Large range of recognizable characters. Different character backgrounds and personalities create a large range of people for target audience to relate to. A couple of new characters create wisest and new story lines. New leader -? changes in the group dynamic. Storyline of hope still exists. Text ‘find yourself is effective because it suggests there’s more to the characters than just what you see.

Characters need to find themselves rather the other people on the island. Other people should not be their priority. Save yourself. Characters have moved on. The islands changed them. No-one’s stayed true to themselves. Dramatic narrative suggests turn for the worst. Older man as leader, this may be attracting a new target audience. Camera Angles and Editing Lots of close ups and extra close ups -? emotion. Fast changing shots, creating mini cliff hangers. Speed editing adds dramatic impact. Tots of high angle shots. Plenty of background gives context.

Bird’s eye view of cockpit Cross cutting. ‘Lost’ also uses posters for promotion. Posters are effective because they’re very cheap and can be placed almost anywhere you want and aimed at a target audience. Posters can also be made very eye catching and capture the mood of the programmer. Effects used on ‘Lost’ poster Gloomy, misty mood created by the grey sky and greyer characters. Characters stood in front of the island make them look insignificant and less powerful. Camera angle manages to get water into the shot with a reflection of the city.

Natural colors connote the wilderness, untouched my man. Dim dreary lighting sets a negative, gloomy mood. Organized simple layout. Tagging -? short with full stop connotes the end of something. ‘The wait is over. ‘ what you’ve been waiting for since episode 1 is about to happen. Intriguing subtle hints about the show makes the audience want to know what’s going to happen. Large bold masthead stands out. Title is bright against a dark background. A reflection of the city in the water suggests that its unreachable and the characters re thinking of home.