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Course pack Closed book Two hours Will cover lecture notes, readings in the course pack and other readings assigned 40% of the final grade At the end of the semester Form a group of 6 – 8 Carry out a project that involves a systematic investigation of a question or issue selected by the group 20% of the final grade Due in week 7 Love Project – Progress report Methods Naturalistic observation Observation in a controlled setting On-going self-monitor Experiment Survey Focus group or in-depth interview Steps Formulate a question Select a method of investigation Collect data (N>OHIO participants) Summarize and describe the data Interpret and discuss your findings with reference to concepts and theories that you have learned in the course Describe the rationale, method, and results of the investigation Include a discussion of the results in relation to current psychological knowledge on the topic Due in week 12 Love Project – Final report Are women with higher socioeconomic status (SEES) less attractive to men? (Sample 1) How height difference influence on relationship for people before initiation and dating each other? Do men who have higher careers status and income have more romantic relationships?

From men’s perspective and from women’s perspective Would the quality of love relationships differ between woo groups of couples: One group with both partners studying in City and one group with one partner studying in City and the other from another University? (Sample 2) How difference in distance affect the quality of love? Previous Projects Is a Swag Lo or Hong Conger more attractive to you? A study on young Hong Kong undergraduate females Do celebrations on special occasions enhance relationships? Will dark and remote environment enhance female sexual arousal to male? Can odor increase the chance of falling in love? Does wearing makeup increase women’s attractiveness to men in Hong Kong? Will the design of bra make female more attractive towards male? Is the frequency of sex positively associated with the relationship level of opposite-sex married couples in Hong Kong? The role of sex guilt in the sexual desires of Chinese college females What is the interrelationship between model of interaction and quality of relationships? Is the one being chased more likely to display dominance behavior in a romantic How is the relationship between couples’ difference in Big Five personality traits and their overall love relationship satisfaction? Whether the couples with higher degree of similarity have higher quality of love? The differences of gender’s views towards the definition of sex, acceptance of premarital sex and the sexual partner Do different genders express their love in different ways in terms of five love languages including words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time and gifts giving? The degree of attractiveness of females’ legs, facial appearances and body shape in males’ perspectives Would change in psychological arousal and the relationship status affect the perception of attractiveness o opposite sex? Are people with higher dependency on their boyfriend/girlfriend have lower quality relationships among other social group: Friends and family? Would love relationship be negatively affected by the use of social-networking APS? WHAT IF…

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I want a small group of two people My name didn’t appear on the report cover Our report got a low score We can’t get enough participants We don’t know how to write the final report Love project Intimate Relationships: Issues, Theory, and Research Second Edition by Ralph Rubber and Maureen Wang Rubber Why Is Life So Complicated? – The Need for Affiliation – The Need for Intimacy – The Need to Belong Why Are Intimate Relationships Important? Chapter 1 Strangers, Friends, and Lovers The desire to seek out relationships for support and uncertainty reduction. What is our skill level relative to others? Are our personal thoughts and habits appropriate? Do others share my core beliefs? We should be especially likely to seek out others during times of uncertainty and fear arousing situation.

The need for affiliation Purpose of study – to examine the physiological effects of receiving shocks. Painful shock. Group 2 – prepared to receive a painless shock. All participants were given a choice to either wait by themselves or to wait with another participant. Uncertainty reduction in the lab (Chatters, 1959) Catheter’s Affiliation Study Results Two-thirds of those expecting a painful shock chose to wait with someone else. Only one-third of those expecting a painless shock opted to wait with another participant. In a follow-up study, 60% of participants expecting a painful shock elected to wait with someone who would share their fate. It seems that misery loves miserable company. Waiting with another should reduce the emotional impact of a stressful situation. Waiting with another could aid in fear reduction, others would serve as reference as to how one would react (e. G. Coronary patients who has gone through the operation). 13 Beyond fear and uncertainty: We seek out like minded others when we need to defend our beliefs When our self esteem is threatened, we seek others who are doing less well… So we can come out ahead. Affiliation motivation appears to be geared toward achieving the optimal balance between social contact and solitude. Impelled to seek out a special person to share our thoughts, our feelings, and perhaps our lives.