M by GM India Limited Co. declined sharply

 M & M plans to invest 4 billion rupees in7 years to double capacity at the Chakan plant. Capacity and Location M & Mmanufactures almost all of its almost multi-purpose vehicles, sports cars andsome commercial vehicles at the Chakan plant, which has an annual production capacityof 3.

2 million. The company manufactures passenger car, Verito, and someultraviolet radiation at Nasik plant. Toyota Toyota’s domestic salesvolume fell 9.1% year-on-year in 2015-2016, after rising by 10% in 2014-2015,due to lower sales of commercial vehicles by 14.5% in the fourth quarter. TheNational Green Court (NGT) banned all diesel vehicles for passengers exceeding2000 Cessi in the Necker region in December 2015. Thus, the sales volumes ofInnova and Fortuner fell sharply, and the company’s market in the UV sectorcontracted by 210 basis points year-on-year. Exports continued to fall (16.

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2%year-on-year) due to weak demand from major export markets; demand was low forLiva and Etios. GMSales of domesticpassenger cars (cars plus UV) by GM India Limited Co. declined sharply by 37.

2%year-on-year, led by a sharp decline in car sales and ultraviolet radiation.Sales declined mainly due to non-launch of new models, and therefore, marketshare fell further. The company recently announced organizational changes thatbelong to senior management to strengthen its position in the Indian market.On the other hand,exports rose at a steady pace to 37,082 units, the highest to date. GeneralMotors has been exporting a house since 2014 and is currently exporting toMexico, Chile, Peru, Central America, the Caribbean, Uruguay and Argentina.

Starting from 2015-16, Beat recorded the highest growth for any passenger carexported from India and became the 6th largest passenger vehicle exported inIndia. The company plans to convert India to its export hub with around 30% ofits planned annual export production.