Maleficent S Analysis

Maleficent was a round character because her personality changes throughout the movie. She befriends a human boy despite the rift between their worlds. Maleficent was betrayed by this boy named Stefan by getting her wings from her as exchange for the throne to be king, because of this betrayal she seeks for revenge and justice by cursing King Stefan child, Aurora, that slowly turned her into a terrible ,cold-hearted villain that only has anger in her heart.

At the end of the story Maleficent got along with Aurora and treated her as her own child wherein she attempted to reverse the curse room Aurora, by this, Maleficent love for Aurora was shown. She was a great hero because she became an instrument for the two worlds, which are the humans kingdom and the Moors to reunite and have peace. 2. D 3. King Henrys attack was not a case of defense or safety.

This was about a solitary man and his childish temper tantrum that someone else had something he didn’t control. King Henry had promised his kingdom that he would conquer and acquire the Moors for no other reason than because he wanted it and no one could tell him he couldn’t have it. King Henry is furious, as you might imagine, having suffered such a profound narcissistic injury.

So, Stefan, another narcissistic, power-hungry, entitled man, sees his opportunity for advancement, and Stefan has a weapon at his disposal King Henry did not. Love. Stefan returns to the Moors, now in service to King Henry, and calls out to Maleficent. She’s thrilled to see her beloved again after so many years, albeit skeptical.