Mandaluyong City

Hospital| Philippine Government Hospital| National Center for Mental Health| Manila adventist Medical Center| National Children’s Hospital| Address| | Nueve de Pebrero St. , Mauway Mandaluyong City Philippines 1553 | 1975 Donada St. Pasay, City| E. Rodriguez st. Quezon City| Former Name| | Insular Psychiatric hospital, National Mental Hospital|

Manila Sanitarium and Hospital| National Indigent Children’s Hospital| Year established| 10 September, 1910| 1925| 1929| February 11, 1945| Founders| American Government and the Act 1688 of the Philippine Commission| Spanish Government| Horace Hall| Phili.

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Civilian Assistance Unit under Dr. Victoria Kalaw-Linan| Type of service| General| Psychiatric| Primary| Special/ Pediatric| Type of Ownership| Government| Governmental| Company| Government| Bed capacity| Large| 4,200 Large| 150 small| 250 small| Length of stay| Short/Long| Long or short| Long and short| Short and Long| Service capability| Tertiary| Tertiary| Tertiary| Tertiary| Department| Pharmacy Department| Administrative service| Pharmacy Department| Administrative| Pharmacists| 76| 10 (1 chief, 1 asst, 8 staff)| 8| 7; 1 chief, 2 senior, 4 staff| Nonpharmacists| 47| 5| 2| 2|

Services| * Clinical Intervention * Information Center * Compounding * Clinical Pharmacy * Research * Case Analysis and Presentations * Clinical Trials * Stock preparations| Preventive, curative, rehabilitative, mental health care service, hospital, community| In-patient and out-patient dispensingPharmacy inventory and warehouse managementTPN compunding and IV administrationAdverse drug reaction monitoringPharmacy procurement| OPD dispensing Paper tableting Patient CounsellingYellow prescription Dispensing|

Drug distribution| UDDDS before individual| Floor stock and unit dose| UDDDS| Individual Rx | Arrangement of stocks| Alphabetical by dosage| Drug manufacturer| Alphabetical| By dosage form, alphabetical in generic name| facilities| * Dispensing Area (Accessible Area to Charity In-Patients where prescriptions are filled and dispensed) * Compounding Are (Where Papertabs, solutions among others are compounded) * TPN Area (TPN, antidotes are compounded here.

Vertical Flow Hood and Sterilizing facility are used). * Drug info center (Intervention Center) * Distribution Area| Pavillion 1( acute male patients with no cases)Pavillion 2( acute crisis intervention, out patient)| Restroom Laminar flow Bioref Computers| storage roomCompounding roomBiorefrigeratorWashroom/comfort room|