Man’s their country’s legal and regulatory environment to

Man’srelationship with conflict and war is complicated and paradoxical. Although nosane individual would openly route for organized killing of other people, thereis a general fascination and even obsession with violent conflict andwarfare.

  Post-conflict period refers tothe time between penning down the peace agreement and completion of the implementationof the provisions outlined in the peace agreement that restores normalcy in thesociety. It is therefore a transitional time from conflict to peace coupledwith a period of institutionalisation of the achievements made in thetransition period. States transitioning from war or extendedperiods of civil conflict witness a bitter paradox: They are in need of thebasic infrastructure, but they do not have the adequate public revenues andfunds, government capacity and foreign interest to procure those services.

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Theprivate sector is a very important force behind bringing about sustained economicgrowth that translates to jobs and prosperity. But its relevance is special inpost-conflict scenarios where institutional, physical, and social infrastructurehas been destroyed way past the capacity of any single state or international bodyto bring back. Therefore investing in small and local business community’sLong-term sustainability can only be attained if small businesses of all localitiesbecome stakeholders in reconstruction and are presented with a say in themaking of their country’s legal and regulatory environment to assist make it evenmore conducive to business.

This is the reason why supporting the improvementof autonomous business associations and chambers of commerce and establishingproper means for public-private dialogue is as relevant as investing inbusinesses themselves.  Post-conflictcountries must see this as a very key element in the reconstruction strategy.Nepalis evidently in a transition.

The peace process has given path for widersocio-economic and political transformation and positive change. However,positive change is successful only when economic and political stability is theorder of the day. Conflict sensitive development intervention in post conflict scenariois an important means to bring back economic stability and growth. Developmentintervention can bring about both tension and stability depending on the approachesand strategies put in operation.

Hence, making development conflict sensitiveis an important condition to landing economic recovery and stability in thepost-conflict situation.