Manufacturers maintain their Brand and Image, Nike would

Manufacturers brand is when a producer makes their own brands and in extension all the parts to the products on site such as Dell does with their computers. When two brands or organizations join forces in order to further promote themselves is called Brand Licensing. Companies such as Lego and the Marvel franchise collaborate to create children’s video games that increases revenue for both of the organizations.A lot of the time organizations will use their popular reputation to release new products into the market. This helps ensure their success in market penetration. This is called Family Branding. Companies such as Apple used their innovative reputation to help sell their new SmartWatches, or Uber used their convenient transportation service to launch there food delivery service, Uber Eats. There are also companies that create products are not meant to deceive consumers, but they do intentionally resemble more popular products. These are not counterfeit goods for they are legitimate products, but rather they are Imitation Brands. You can see this in brands such as FUBU, which are made to resemble Nike’s popular Jordans line of shoes.ConclusionNike, the well-known and widespread athletic accessory retailer, also has a brand,  an image and marketing strategies that they must manage in order to maintain presence in the market. Nike’s reputation represents years of  inspiring people to be active by saying “Just Do It”. This would invoke the thought that going out running or playing a sport was as easy as simply going out doing it and that there is nothing that should hold you back. Now to maintain their Brand and Image, Nike would make sure their shoes were always affordable, always keeping up with the latest fashion trends or by famous athletes endorsing the Nike brand, such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant with their own line of shoes. Nike has always been around so in turn people will always trust Nike shoes to be made exactly up to our expectations. Nike is also readily available to almost everyone with their various distribution channels all over the globe, stores in thousand of locations, and also online stores. All these  activities are made possible by Public Relation specialists or PR. PR is done through different channels of communication such as social media, television, online ads, sports events, campaigns etc. This is extended by collaborating with actors, celebrities and public figures such as Kevin Hart or Tiger Woods, who get paid to wear and promote the Nike brand in commercials, movies and in public. PR specialists will work with the organization’s marketing team to help further their influence. Nike is marketed to lower, middle and upper classes being that they have shoes that would fit anybody’s price range. Furthermore, Nike makes shoes and sports wear for every age group and almost every sport, which is why it is considered a very practical,  prevailing and popular brand. When it comes to the product itself, Nike has more than a few, very famous models of shoes, that have been popular for a long time (classics). For example: Air Force 1, Air Max, Cortez, etc. In conclusion Nike uses a combination of different branding techniques to appeal to as many market segments as possible in order to create the largest amount of revenue.