Many Factors in Adolescent Suicide

The number of suicides and attempt seclude has tripled since the sass aging this a serious Issue In society( Brinkman, 2002). There are 5,000 people from the age of fifteen through twenty-four that kill themselves each year (Brinkman, 2001). There were almost 3 million Americans between the age of twelve and seventeen that considered or attempted suicide in 2000(Across the Nation, 2002). According to static, there are “9% aged twelve-thirteen, and 13. % aged fourteen through seventeen who attempted suicide (Across the Nation, 2002). What factors lead to suicide? There are many factors that can lead to suicide. Some of the major factors that play a ole in suicide are: depression, abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, family problems, stressful events, and Issues about sexual orientations Just to name a few (Adolescent Suicide, N. D.

)There are only 36% of adolescents that attempt suicide receives mental health treatment (Across the Nation, 2002).The adolescent may go through periods of anxiety which occurs from stress or a loss of something of great value to them. The adolescent does not have the abilities to think clearly when thinking of suicide.

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They often dwell on issues which lead to thoughts of killing themselves. According to searchers, the feeling of hopeless and helpless will increase the risk of suicide (Murphy, 2005). Depression plays a major role in suicide.Murphy states ” According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition(ADSM-lb), a teen with five or more of the following signs and symptoms during a 2 week period is having a major depressive episode: depressed or irritable mood, diminished interest, sleep disturbance, weigh change, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, decreased concentration, and thoughts of suicide” 2002). When depressions play a role In a manager life the mall focus Is on his or her failures and disappointments (Murphy, 2002). The use of drug and alcohol can Increase the risk of suicide among teen.The use of drug and alcohol is a way of gaining popularity among peers and a form of melatonin Tanat can De uses to treat anxiety Ana oppression In youth (Murphy, 2 Some adolescents commit suicide because they have had some form of physical or sexual abuse. Any form of abuse whether physical or sexual can make the adolescent feel shame or possess anger in which they cannot handle (Murphy, 2002).

The last factor that can lead to suicide is the use of a weapon. The most common weapons used by youth in committing suicide are firearms as well as overdosing on pills, hanging and reckless driving (Murphy, 2002).Other factors that lead to suicide are previous suicide attempts and a history of family suicide. Having violence in the household can lead too children committing or attempting suicide. Warning signs of suicide There are many warning signs that a suicidal adolescent give but many people over look them.

Adolescents that are suicidal give clear warning signs. Four out of five teens who attempt suicide give warnings (Teen Suicide, n. D. ). Adolescents change heir eating and sleeping habits. Many children want to be alone so they withdrawal from their friends and family.

The adolescent will make suicidal threats. Adolescents may display an obsession with death. Their behavior make become irrational. The adolescents will become withdrawn, school performance drops, and the adolescent may begin to give away personal items. It has been identify that some adolescents complain of abdominal pains or headaches (Adolescent Suicide,n.

D. ) . They may start to dress always wearing black, running away, truancy, sudden rages, or social withdrawn (Murphy, 2002). Preventions/ Supporting Adolescents