Many should stay away from, but honestly Mexico

    Many people believe that Mexico is just aplace of horror and indignity that everyone should stay away from, but honestlyMexico is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery, an interesting history,and a very compelling culture that just might interest you if you just lookclose enough to see it as it really is; a misunderstood place. I chose theculture of Mexico because it is a well-known culture in the world. The cultureof Mexico has spread all across the world and even divided into differentsubcultures. I also chose it because Mexicans have spread into the UnitedStates and is now 17% of its population.

      The history of Mexico is veryinteresting. It all starts out in the 16th Century when the people alreadyliving in the area started being conquered and colonized by the Spanish. Althoughthe Spanish did not take over the area of present Mexico until 1519, the Mesoamericanscivilizations already dwelling there had already developed a form of timeperiod before the arrival of Europeans is called the pre-Columbian era. TheAztec capital of Tenochtitlan became the Spanish capital Mexico City, which wasand is still the most popular city in Mexico.

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Duringthe colonial era, Mexico’s long-established Mesoamerican civilizations mixedwith European culture. Nothing better shows this hybridbackground than Mexico’s languages: the country is both the most populousSpanish-speaking country in the world and home to the largest number of NativeAmerican language speakers in North America. After aprolonged struggle for independence, New Spain became the independent nation ofMexico, with the signing of the Treaty of Córdoba. A brief period of monarchy,called the First Mexican Empire, was followed by the founding of the Republicof Mexico, established under a federal agreement in 1824.

Someinteresting or significant facts that I learned about the culture of Mexico isthat the official name of Mexico is the United Mexican States. Mexico is the 11thmost populated country in the world. The tenth largest border in the world isbetween Mexico and the United States following the border between China andIndia in ninth place. Mexico is located in the earth’s most violent earthquakeand volcano zones, called “Ring of Fire”. Mexico’s flag is madeup of three vertical stripes which are green, white and red, and there is apicture of an eagle eating a snake which is based on Aztec legend. Spanish isthe national language of Mexico. Ichose these topics because they are an important part of Mexican culture. Thetopics helped me to understand the different aspects of Mexico.

There are a lotmore topics and points to discuss about Mexico but these are the mostinteresting ones.Theculture and history of Mexico has gone through a gigantic amount of twist andturns over the past few decades and it is not the same throughout the country.Many Mexicans live in cities, but smaller countryside regions still has astrong effect on the different communities of Mexico.

I learned about thehistory of this amazing place and what lead up to this country’s greatnesstoday. In this assignment I got to experience many aspects of Mexico and theirtraditions. Many people would think that all Mexicans are low-life and lazypeople but they are great workers and make up almost 20% of the US population.

It is a great culture that I believe should be studied more deeply andrecognized for it’s significance and greatness.