March producer. It started off as a suspension

March 2015 was the day Top Gear died, at least for me anyway. The sack of Jeremy Clarkson was a sad day for me and many others and I knew that the wonderful motoring TV programme could potentially go downhill. I knew that the programme was never going to be the same no matter who the new presenter’s were, they just weren’t going to be the same as the trio before hand. Everyone has heard that Jeremy Clarkson had been sacked, for having a domestic that involved Clarkson punching a Top Gear producer. It started off as a suspension for Clarkson but ended up in a full time sack. After hearing this garbage news Richard Hammond and James may went ahead and departed with Clarkson and started their new TV programme – “The Grand Tour”.

When the trio released when their new show was going to be out it fired up a question that everyone had in mind. Did Jeremy Clarkson need to be sacked? what it necessary to sack him knowing how badly the TV show would be affected. In this essay I will be discussing if or if not Clarkson should have been given the sack or should have had some sort of punishment and let the whole thing blow over. First reason as to why Clarkson should have been sacked is because he may have been very lucky to have been sacked for his offence and nothing else to go along with that as The Metro stated “Frankly, Jeremy Clarkson is lucky that he’s just being fired.

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If most workers in the UK did what he did they’d be facing not only the sack, but the very real possibility of a criminal record”. This is actually a very fair and good point as much more could have been done about this offence he has committed for example charged with assault which could’ve gave him a sentence or give him community hours. All this of course would have been put on his record which could have easily then make his life a living hell trying to find another job for at the end of the day no matter how famous you are, who wants to employ someone with a record? Instead he has moved on to and is working for Amazon and I am sure he is making a pretty penny too.

So did he really lose out on that much after breaking the law and assaulting someone physically and verbally, it appears to many he got off pretty lightly. Although many people think Clarkson got off lightly, there are many people who think he shouldn’t have been sacked at all. Mark Thompson who was also a producer for the BBC said to The Sunday Times ” I don’t think people should punch their colleagues. It’s hard to keep them if they do. But I would say his pungent, transgressive, slightly out-of-control talent was something the BBC could ill afford to lose” and then follows up by saying “He spoke to people who didn’t find much else in the BBC. The fact no-one could ever quite believe the BBC allowed Top Gear to go out was a precious thing to hang on to.

As a fan, I regret its passing”. Thompsons battling words help us understand that Clarkson must have been a pretty good guy. Sure he was sometimes boy strass, loud and sometimes bruit behaviour but that’s who he is and that’s what brought some humour to the TV programme. The BBC could have possibly went about sacking Clarkson not to say that there shouldn’t have been any consequences for him but surely they could have done something to keep the well known and loved trio together in the show.There are plenty people within the BBC who have different opinions on this case.

As Mark Thompson has stated it was a mistake sacking Clarkson, however the boss  of the BBC stated “I’ve always been a great fan of his work on Top Gear and I also believe his voice and voices like his have a place, an important place, on the BBC… but not at any price.” Although firing Clarkson had kicked up a lot of stink everywhere and even caused people to start a petition saying “Bring Back Jeremy Clarkson” the BBC couldn’t exactly keep him on the show if he had not more of a harsh punishment than a suspension for then this would kick up another load of arguments and petitions. If you think about it if someone in your work place starts to get aggressive and hits someone they are more than likely going to get charged with assault and fired, and what kind of example would it be if the BBC kept him on after doing this. Just because he is famous and can help bring the company in a lot of money does not mean he should be given a slap on the wrist and let it all be forgotten about. This isn’t the first time that Clarkson has messed up.

When recording an episode a few years ago he used the N-word in a nursery rhyme, and of course this kicked up a lot of stink. It had even caused articles in the news papers discussing why he should be sacked how unprofessional it is and all the rest. What was the BBC’s response to this i hear you ask? “Jeremy Clarkson has set out the background to this regrettable episode. We have made it absolutely clear to him, the standards the BBC expects on air and off. We have left him in no doubt about how seriously we view this.” A nice we slap on the wrist it was for Clarkson, and then this created yet another fuss how racism can be said and all that’s done is he gets another run down of “the standards the BBC expect” which is very poor considering if it was any normal joe they would have a much harsher punishment. To give Jeremy his dues he did make a video apologising for his word choice and said himself it was not acceptable which shows he isn’t really a bad guy, sure he makes mistakes but who doesn’t and when he does he does apologise which I think helped him get off the hook.

In conclusion sure Clarkson has messed up in his past and yes some of the mess ups where pretty shocking but he is only human, surely no one has went through their life not messing up even the slightest. I mean if you think when was the last time you done something stupid? I can guarantee it wasn’t that long ago. Clarkson’s violent actions which led to him losing is his job however it wasn’t as if his career had been left to perish as Clarkson, Hammond and May have started another TV programme on Amazon – “The Grand Tour” and is also doing adverts for Amazon so it’s safe to say he isn’t going out of pocket.  In my opinion I think he should have been fired even though it was hard to hear. He can’t be making those serious kind of actions and nothing happening about it for then that could cause others to think it is acceptable to do what he had done. Also if he had got off with this as well what would people think of the BBC’s leadership? However in my opinion they handled this situation very well as to punish the man but not take his chances away of getting or finding another job by getting him charged.

I say well done to the BBC and I respect them for their decision.Bibliography count – 1,282