Martin 20 miles south of Albany on the

Martin Van BurenConnor Kane per 6/7 The date was December 5th, 1782 in the village 20 miles south of Albany on the Hudson river named Kinderhook where the first president not born a british subject.  “Learn from the mistakes of others.   You don’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Van Buren said.  This shows that the 8th president of the United States was observant and tough on himself, believing there is excuse to do something wrong.

Buren’s parents were dutch and Kinderhook was mainly populated by those of his decent as well.  The Van Burens where not rich by any means, having 6 children.  Martin was the fourth oldest of his siblings and went to school until the age of 14 exceeding in education surprisingly because of the labor his parents needed from him at home.

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 His family owned 6 slaves which was normal for families in Kinderhook despite not being the wealthiest family.  Martin didn’t attend college, but clerked for seven years, doing chores by day and studying law and politics at night.     Buren was a senator for the state of New York for terms, but gave up the spot to be the governor of New York, only to resign 2 months later to be the secretary of state elected by Andrew Jackson.  In 1832 when Jackson was running to be selected for his 2nd term in presidency, he chose Buren as his running mate.  Once Jackson’s term came to a close in 1835, Buren was unanimously elected as the president, defeated all of his three opponents.  Wars and revolts against countries occurred during Buren’s 4 years in presidency that affected the country.

 Just months after his inauguration, the panic of 1837 began in New York.  The panic of New York all stirred up when banks first suspended payments on specie.  Other similar Economic problems begin and the price of cotton drops, sending a already unstable economy into more debt and lost jobs.  The main conflict however in his term happened in 1839 known as the astrook war.  This was a bloodless conflict between Maine and their neighbors up north, New Brunswick, Canada.  It was mainly about where the border should be placed, which was later resolved by the Webster-Ashburton treaty of 1842.  After Burens terms he didn’t want to get out of politics.

 He lost the election in 1840 to William Henry Harrison but became the favorite for the democratic nomination.  He then tried again at presidency in 1844, to lose and return to his home.  Years after in 1962, died of asthma and was buried in his village.Despite being known as the ok president, Buren was a very important politician in american history.

 He impacts America today in many ways that are overlooked from him.  He mastered the political system and was Andrew Jackson’s best ally, cooperating into Jackson’s decision affecting the country to this day.  One of his most impactful acts was unifying lawmakers into a single democratic party, which one of the two main political parties to this date.

Van Buren wasn’t known as an amazing president, losing his second and third try on being elected as the president of the United States.  At the time when he was elected, America was going through a deep economic and political depression which made it hard for Van Buren to do a good job.  He had to deal with the US almost going to war with England for the second time and more than 4,000 native americans died in a forced march off their lands called the trail of tears.  Despite the hard events occuring in his presidency, it is very surprising and impressive he was able to avoid war twice.  One of these the Astrook war which wasn’t really a war since no shots were fired, ending in a treaty.  As we know Buren was an important politician, setting the stage for the modern day political parties.  The panic of 1837 was the biggest economic disaster the country had seen.  Van Buren was able to get his way out of it without anything to serious hurt.

 He is certainly an overlooked president because he only served one year and was elected in a tough time to be elected.    Van Buren had a bad reputation with the people, getting labels that didn’t fit him, only due to the time he was elected in.  He was known as a wannabe aristocrat, putting gold throughout the whithouse.  At the time americans didn’t understand the true importance he had made on american politics as people do to this day.  After his first term was over, he didn’t get re elected back into office again.

  Personally, I think that Martin Van Buren was a mediocre president, because he didn’t pass any great laws but kept the country together in one of it’s worse states.  Overall, Martin van Buren was a good politician and Senator, but if he was elected into presidency years earlier or later, opinions and thoughts on him would change.