Mary learn about the importance of calling her

Mary needs to be referred to a
psychiatrist as soon as possible. It is believed that transgender adults began
as transgender youth, and if this recognized in childhood or adolescence, they
may benefit from early access to hormone blockers or gender-affirming hormones (Kennedy, Rosenthal, Hastings, &
Wesp, 2017). Moreover, applying a support model, by the mental health
professionals play an important role in helping her to articulate her gender
experience, and distinguish her needs around the gender that is not adjusted
with her sex assigned at birth. The therapist can also provide Mary with a
support system that would be very beneficial to alleviate her psychosocial and
psychosomatic symptoms. Additionally, therapists or psychiatrist can help Mary
improve tactics around disclosure, self-acceptance, integration of transgender
identity, intimate friendships, and social transition if that is desirable.
They can help her define what she is hoping to obtain from pubertal
suppression, gender-affirming hormones, and/or surgery (Kennedy, Rosenthal,
Hastings, & Wesp, 2017).

therapist would help her to learn and improve skills to eliminate the shame of
being different to society’s expectations of gender and would help her to
accept herself for who she is. She would also learn how to deal with the
challenges she has been experiencing regarding being transgender by her family,
friends and the community in which she. Moreover, A psychologist also can work
closely with Mary’s parents to help them understand what their teenager is

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psychologist can model the suitable use of a name (Mario) in the presence of
her parents. This would help her family to learn about the importance of
calling her with the appropriate name to create a culturally sensitive and
welcoming environment (Kennedy, Rosenthal, Hastings, & Wesp, 2017).
Mindfulness techniques would be another technique to help Marry mitigate
psychosocial and psychosomatic symptom. Furthermore, Mary’s brother, John needs
to be referred to the psychiatrist to address his ADHD symptoms and may
prescribe the appropriate medication for his disorder to improve his social
interaction with peers and family members challenging.