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Master of Business Administration (Executive)S P Jain School ofGlobal Management, Mumbai  Project Proposal/Synopsis The Digital Future ofGeneral Mills – Drive advantage Shopper influence by via E-commerce Platform Vishal Wankhede, emum10160433, EMBA04, Jan 2018 While B2C ecommerce (business-to-consumer electronic commerce) isexpected to hit $2.4 trillion worldwide in near future, the truth is, it’s lessthan a third of B2B’s $7.

7 trillion. FMCG world of doing business has been changingwith the introduction of ecommerce and the adaption of digital retail models.On-line shopping could be divided in two broad categories when it comes to how consumersconsume their daily needs -Spearfishing and full baskets. There are times whenconsumers would go and search online for a product which they have either notfound in shops or are single items, whereas full basket would be more ofreplenishing for a week or a month. Majority of an organization growth willstart coming from full basket model, where they would stock up products as samegoing to a grocery shop.  eCommerce has been generating a lot of buzz atGeneral Mills (GMI) lately and justifiably so! and we are looking for ways to deliver eCommerce across theglobe. Our senior leaders emphasize the importance of eCommerce during ourAnnual Company Meeting, last month’s Analyst Call and in various interviews.

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 This brings me to a question “What is thedirection that General Mills is going with e-commerce?”.  To drive eCommerce forward, an organization needsto change the way they do business. eCommerce is all about the individualconsumer and how effective we can be at influencing their path to purchase.  GMI is driving eCommerce through 4 core strategies:·      Win the Digital Shelf: We want to become Digital CategoryCaptains for the Digital Shelf. ·      Drive Advantaged Shopper Influence:We are working with our retail partners to help them optimize their productcontent. ·      Globalize Capabilities: We want tobuild and globalize advantaged eCommerce processes and capabilities acrossglobe. ·      Drive organization Integration:Facilitate increased engagement and integrations across organization.  My aim would be to do more research and focuson the second strategy “Drive advantagedshopper influence” and the goal would be to enhance customer on-lineexperience As we do business with our retailers It’s timefor us to start partnering with them to optimize our product content.

Optimizewould mean a streamlined way of searching of a product, rather providing toomuch information on the search. Product content or what you see on a portalplays an important role to make an end-consumer move from search to buy.  Our study would be focused on how do we partnerwith our retailers to provide them an standardized form of doing on-linebusiness. With retailers having an challenge in resources, technology andindustry awareness, it would be a great to help them to grow and in-turn growour business. A win-win for everyone.

 Today there exists a challenge of getting datafrom our retailer’s online portal as there is no single source orstandardization among everyone. As we overcome this challenge, having  data for analysis will provide us insights onhow our consumers shop and understand their pattern and behavior. Gettinginformation linked to connected data and deriving analytical reporting willhelp not only us but the retailers to sell more and make more margins.

 This research would not only concentrate onchanging the way we do business, but also how ad which technologies would helpus to provide a better customer experience.   References: Generalmills internal employees