Medical like chemistry, physics, biology, and geosciences”, Isotopes

Medical use of Isotopes    Isotopes each of two or more forms of the same element that contain equal numbers of protons but different numbers of neutrons. Isotopes are useful and are widely used in medicine to diagnose and treat illnesses. “Isotopes have extensive applications in biomedical research and other fields like chemistry, physics, biology, and geosciences”, Isotopes are also used in agriculture. Isotopes are also used in everyday lives such as the integrities of welds on pipes, tanks, jet engines.Cobalt is a chemical element and it is found in the earth’s crust in chemically combined form.

At 417°C cobalt has a crystal structure that is “close-packed”. Higher temperature until the melting point of 1,495 °C it has a “face-centered cubic” form. With the metal having 12 radioactive isotopes. The one I will be talking about is Cobalt-60.

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Cobalt-60 is a radioactive isotope, it is used in cancer therapy and as a radioactive tracer in biology and industry. Cobalt therapy or cobalt-60 is the use of grammar rays  to treat life threatening diseases such as cancer. Cobalt-60 helps with the help of radioactivity to stop the development of Cancer.Radiation is the movement of energy from one place to another. Cobalt 60 is man-made and it can be found in the liquid from left over nuclear power and it can also be found in the waste of plants.

It is also in animals in fact with some research I’ve found out that the food chains sometimes include organisms and if the organism is in the lower part that means that they have lower cobalt concentration.There many positive effects of cobalt 60 and isotopes such as it can help with cancer, medicine and with radiosurgery. There are also negative effects such as Fatigue, Cerebral edema(brain trauma), swelling of brain tissue or even hair loss. Cobalt 60 hasProtons: 27Neutrons: 33Fatigue This is the most common side effect of Cobalt 60. Patients may or may never get as much as energy as they had before. This may happen for a small while or even for years.

Brain trauma This happens to everyone but each with a different level of sensitivity and severity. Some people get only simple headaches, while others can experience a much more intense headache, a aggressive dizziness, nausea,vomiting and maybe even lose consciousness.Hair lossHair loss occurs and depends if the treatment was close to the scalp. Irritation in the Skin, and numbness in the scalp and your vision can change (it might get worse or stay the same) while your appetite can change too and become decreased.

Late side effects    Late symptoms that can be seen is slow thinking(than usual), foggy memory, personality change, and confusion. New tumors can be developed but it is rare also it occurs from the radiation exposure in the brain.Radiation necrosis is the death of brain tissue which is usually from the radiation treatment, there also other things that can happen such as an inflammation reaction and sometimes it can trigger seizures and sometimes( almost never) the worst which is death.Cobalt 60 can be used anywhere in the body but the most common area is brain because many residents have tumors where cobalt-60 is effective most.

How Cobalt-60 Therapy is DeliveredThe patient under anesthesia, with the patient is laying down on the table with a special frame over the head entirely. With the image study after the treatment, the cobalt-60 directs beams of gamma radiation approximately 200 beams at the brain’s tumor. This takes about 20 mins to to a few hours to finish, prior to the treatment, the frame for the head gets removed and the person is allowed to return to normal activity In conclusion, it seems as if so far there are no serious reasons for why not to stop cobalt-60. Since all it does is kill cancer cells and help stop it from developing. Cobalt, in general, isn’t for medicine instead it is used for many coloring supplies such as paints, rubber, inks, and pottery. Cobalt is also in animals and plants and makes up vitamin b.

Vitamin b is so important for the body as that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA. There has been research that if you get exposed to so much radiation the chances are that you can die.