Memoirs of a First Love

This is the story of how I first fell in love. Or more of how I thought I first fell in love. When I was a new freshmen in high school my, hormones were raging.

That was the typical time that friends and people that were in my life started dating as well. Of course, then I thought that maybe I should make someone mine. I was young and naive at the time, wasn’t I? There was this one girl whom I did not know at all, but to me she was beautiful. Her name was Son Ming Moua. I wanted to talk to her, but even with how “good looking” my family and friends considered me, I was scared.

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I never really had much confidence when it came to girls or dating in general. Pretty soon, I decided that I wouldn’t have the time because I wanted to be on the wrestling team. I used wrestling to move on from thinking of her, and I tried my best to work out my problems. The one day after an exhausting day of school as I was about to leave–I still remember it like it was yesterday–she came up to me, which was really awkward for me because I didn’t even think she knew I existed. She had a smile on her face, which was really embracing in how welcoming it felt. I still remember her words of our first meeting.

“Hi!” She said to me enthusiastically. “Uhhhh, Hi?” I still laugh at myself when I had replied to her like that. “You wanna go out with me?” “Sure.” Wait.” “What?” That was what I was thinking at the time. I literally had to blink a hundred times in front of her. The girl of my dreams in 9th grade had just asked me out? I didn’t even know who she was though.

“Could you repeat that?” I said as she began giggling. “I said if you wanted to go out with me silly.” I was pretty sure I was not dreaming now like this was something I wanted so bad. I thought to myself about important things. Can I support a relationship? Can I really do this with school in the way? Shouldn’t I get to know her first? Of course at the time I wa.