Methamphetamine paper documentary

Methamphetamine was originally synthesized in 1887 by a German scientist and later In sass’s It was discovered that it could Increase a person’s blood pressure and was helpful In lung congestion. It has been used to treat Parkinson disease, and obesity, however when used illegally this drug may cause a person to be violent and paranoid. Meet is a very powerful stimulant and very often the desire for it exceeds other interests including the need for sleep, food, and family. Meet has become one of the most dangerous and commonly used illegal drugs in America and Missouri has become the Meet capital of the world.In 1996, drug officers raided over 200 Meet labs, more than that large amount of these labs have exploded. Meet Is a huge problem today and not only In America but worldwide.

However, America is the largest market for Meet, for example in Missouri estimated 53 thousand people possess this drug. Methamphetamine makes the user feel euphoric, alert, and powerful, a person is able to stay up for 24 hours and work 2 weeks straight without resting. However Meet’s extraordinary rush has a long term consequence that is very dangerous, It leads to horrific aftereffects Including severe depression and inability to at or sleep.To avoid the withdrawals Individual starts to use large doses of drug frequently that leads to weeks without sleep that causes severe paranoid psychosis. Meet gives a sense of overwhelming pleasure, therefore the passion to come back to that feeling result in a vicious circle where one is not able to stop the addiction. Besides the psychological and physical dramatic symptoms that meet abuse causes it leads more serious long term consequences where users become violent and commit domestic violence.

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Nevertheless, almost 1 million grams of meet Is snorted, Injected r smoked on every day basis and It is spreading around like fire.It Is terrifying to accept that today it became so easy to produce methamphetamine that anyone could be simply driving in the car down the road while brewing meet in a 2 liter bottle. It is dangerous because people don’t look into long term consequences that may cause death, engage in unprotected sex that may cause the spread on HIVE, and more than that America pays billions of dollars for the treatment of people who had been severely Injured by either producing meet (such as explosions of home laboratories) r by using the drug that has caused severe health problems.There are many things that could be done to combat the problem on a national, federal, and local lever. For example as of local level people could open up communities and a lot of them we do have today where drug users who are willing to give up the addiction could go and speak up about their issues and seek for help. I think it is very important to understand that you are not alone in this situation and that there are people out there who are willing to help. After all, It Is much easier to combat the problem In a team rather than yourself.It is also important to become a role model for others and it may be useful to open up places social places for people where they could engage in different type of activities, such as sport games, fund raising, and other type of events that will keep teens busy and make them role models for others around them.

Since at particularly high risk are young women prevention messages may be useful to quest ten clearheadedly AT aspiring to ten anorexic Day type AT ten Tattoos models seen in magazines and TV, and often viewed as role models.Effective educational messages about the legal, medical and neuropsychiatry dangers of temptations use may help to stigmatize the use of methamphetamine. As for the workplaces where employees are required to engage in physically demanding, tedious work activities, aggressive drug testing, drug education and trained EPA programs may be very helpful in deterring use and in moving users into treatment as quickly as possible.Government may provide cities with more clinics and it may be necessary to add clinical staff with more professional background and training in working with severely mentally ill patients. Overall I thought documentary was very interesting because I personally never thought that drugs, such as temptations was such a huge problem. The most fascinating for me was to learn how easily meet can be produced at home laboratories, and how all the ingredients are so easily accessible over the counter at pharmacy stores.

Watching the documentary it made me think that people would go out of their ways to produce drugs and make money off them, not thinking about the consequences that they may face with. It was really sad to see Mark in the documentary who has been in intensive care for 53 days, because he lost everything and almost lost his life in this strive to make money by producing methamphetamine.