Micro Term Paper

When talking about business, we can go into many different categories and see that today there are a variety of businesses that can be found almost anywhere you go. Whether they are corporate businesses or simple Pa and Ma shops. One business that has been growing and gaining plenty of popularity over the past couple of decades is Struck. Everyone in the US, In their lifetime, has either tried or heard of Struck. Struck is definitely one of the most popular businesses ever created.

The reason why Struck is so popular Is because their environment and atmosphere. When you walk into a Struck, you can usually see that there are many people, almost any time of the day enjoying a cup of coffee or treat. When you walk In, you get hit with the smell of coffee beans being grinded up Into the drinks that everyone seems to be raving about. The overall business Is definitely Inviting. And the business Is simple; people come In looking for coffee, people walk out with fee.

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But why Is this so popular? Because no matter what Issues might come up Like any other business, Struck Is always ahead of any problem they encounter. This bumps their game for both customer service and keeping their name in good standing. The thing that shapes this business, is the lack of competition with Struck. If you look around, you might not find many coffee shops that are as popular as Struck. You might find some that either young, or just not popular.

Struck has definitely made its name in the US and is even very popular internationally. With their business continuously growing, Struck can practically put any price on a cup of coffee and people will still buy and go to religiously. Like all businesses, there will be good and bad. With Struck always being prepared for whatever situation, they give customers the comfort of choosing their drinks. They almost always have everything stocked and ready and rarely have any situation turned bad with customers.