Minerals Are Solid Inorganic

The same happens in mining, where develop (rich) countries “helps” the developing (poor) ones to extract their minerals and raw materials to “increase the economy’. However, what does the wealthy countries gets from this? It is a true help or they like me, just need the canoe to catch the fish. The first world commerce system was the Silk Road, and it was substitute with the first worldwide commerce system, the silver. The Silver was the first mineral obtained in the Americas and send to the Old continent to commence. From there humans stated mining to get minerals, and gemstone, such as gold, monads, and silver, among others.

Minerals are solid inorganic substances of natural occurrence. Mining is the process of obtaining coal or other minerals from a mine. What are the benefits of mining? What are the disadvantages of mining? One side doubt of the advantages that could bring mining for a country and the other side discussed that mining give essential benefit to the country and increase its economy. “To mine or not to mine? That’s the question” The discussion had been a big inquiry during the past centuries. It had cause controversy because of its pros and cons. But it is really worth it?