Mobile is not what they need while driving,

Mobile phones havent been around for awhile, yet they’ve been a major problem for awhile. Phones are a distraction whether it’s a good one or a very bad distraction. Nowadays everyone is finding a way to hack into other peoples stuff and with the new phones their making it easier to hack and to be hacked. Mobile phones are very useful when it comes to keeping in touch with distant family. Technology has come a long way, now we have these new phones that everyone is still trying to figure out how and when to use it.Phones are the number one distraction and cause of wrecks while driving. Lately in news reports or articles you usually hear about another teen driver wreck due to using their cell phone while driving, but teens aren’t the only ones there have been multiple reports of adults texting while driving. “The CDC reported that 69% of U.S drivers ages 18 to 64 admitted to talking on a mobile phone while driving, and 31% reported they have sent an email or a text message while driving.”(Mobile Phones 3).This shows how many adults 18 and older have sent or read a text message or email.These percentages are getting very high over time, some companies have come out with hands free technology. These companies are encouraging people to buy this hands free product in an idea that it will prevent you from getting in an accident , but that’s not the case.Studies have shown that drivers cannot drive or handle two demanding task as in keeping an eye on the road and making sure the car sends your text message(Rosenberger 1). The new built in dashboard technology is supposed to help the driver in a way that they only have to speak to the device and it will send a message or forward a call. The companies that made these dashboard devices still ended up putting a scroller so the driver can scroll through their contacts. Which is not what they need while driving, if you want a safe hands-free device in cars then don’t put something that will tempt the driver to not focus on driving.Another reason why mobile phones are inadequate is the security or privacy is unsatisfactory. You hear almost every other day about how another teen’s pictures leaked or all of their private information, but its not only teens that are the victims. You hear about how adults have their identities stolen or again their private information or pictures. Phones are a big part of that with social media nowadays and the new apps or websites their making easier for people to get hacked. Grant it they are trying to stop it and make security apps for you social accounts and your actual phone. In an article called “Mobile Phones” on page 4, the writer states that ,”…Advanced technology has made it easier for people with mobile phones to track people’s location.” This is a really big deal because if you even turn on your WIFI or bluetooth anyone can easily see where you are. That’s why it’s always important you try to keep those off while you’re out and about. Social Media apps now have location or maps, like facebook or snapchat even instagram. Any time you post a post on facebook,instagram, twitter or even pinterest people can see where you are unless you turn off your location in the settings. Snapchat is the scariest one because with the new update a couple months ago came along with Snap Map. It allows you to be in ghost mode if you don’t want to share your location, but it gives almost every detail on where you are. That’s all in that little device in your pocket.In a counterargument people would say phones are the greatest thing ever. Which they can be, keeping in touch with distant family or friends is very hard to do without a computer,phone,ipad,etc. That’s what everyone uses nowadays. All those social media apps that can end up exposing your private information can actually do some good. They allow you to see what your family or friends are doing when they post things. Use those apps, a quick text can equal a long handwritten letter. A rebuttal would be someone saying that keeping in touch with distant family is easy without a phone ,you just have to try. It’s sad to say but it actually isn’t , everyone is on their phones and sending a quick text or dialing a number would be easier than driving 2-3 hours to see them or sending a letter and waiting 3 or 4 days for them to write back.Technology has come a long way, with these new and improved products are pros and cons. Even though mobile phones have been around for a while, everyone is still trying to figure out how and when to use it them right way and how to protect themselves from being hacked.