Moral Issues

This means website owners cannot be prosecuted.

Typing “l want to kill myself” into Google offers over 28 million sites, many of which give information on how to commit suicide or have coatrooms where techniques are discussed. A spokeswoman for Papyrus said: “The sites take no responsibility for the advice they give, do not identify themselves and generally create an atmosphere where suicide is normal, acceptable and to be encouraged. ” “l nee Tact Is Tanat It Is Illegal to groom a canny t have sex, but not to kill themselves. ” Should the law be amended, or should people have access to whatever information hey want?If the amendment to the law was passed, how effective would it be? How could such a law be policed? Story from BBC News: https://bit. Lay/webzines Worksheet written by Debbie Jones.

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Www. Teach-cit. Com No one likes going to visit the doctor and with today’s increasingly busy lifestyles, trying to find the time to make an appointment with your GPO can be difficult. This has perhaps been compounded by the growth in medical self diagnostic internet sites. Simply enter a list of your current symptoms into the online database and within seconds you will receive a ‘medical diagnosis.Being able to put your mind to rest at am, releasing that you probably have a bad bout of wind rather than appendicitis can be a very good thing.

However, such sites should be used with caution because there is a danger that a serious illness could be misdiagnosed by the online ‘medical expert’. How accurate do you think these sites can be with their ‘diagnosis? What are the potential risks to a patient if the site MIS-diagnoses their symptoms? What are your views on such sites ultimately being there to make money from people who visit them? Story from BBC News: https://bit. Lay/slanginess’sMany students well malt to navels Copley Stetsons of a web page and submitting it as homework. This problem isn’t Just confined to school classrooms. Recently there has been a worrying growth in university students to copying from the internet.

Many lecturers now have access to software that can recognize copied work. Many students have been caught, some even failing their degrees. Faced with the near certainty that the cut-and-paste essay will be found out, lazy or dishonest students can now turn to websites that offer to write their essays for them, and, in every case, guarantee that he essays are original.These websites defend themselves by saying that the essays are only provided as a model answer and should not be submitted by the student as their own work. However, how many people really believe that a student is going to pay hundreds of pounds for a customized essay and then not take the easy option of using it as it stands? Do you think plagiarism information has an impact on learning, or is it Just another way to work? How do plagiarism detection tools like turning work? Do you think ‘grades for pay are a fair way of working? How could this be stopped?