Morality and Honesty

Some people I like snakes, lying and deceitful, and others are strictly candid. I ask you one question, would you rather be candid or a snake? I firmly believe that being honest promotes good character, moral value, and makes life easier. Honesty makes you a better person. Do you know how? People trust you more, and have respect for you. For example, a person who lost their wallet, and it had thousands of dollars in it.

Most people might take he wallet, but if you’re a good person you will take the wallet to the police station. Just by doing that you demonstrate honesty, and the person who owns the wallet is at ease. Furthermore, positive moral values such as honesty is important. It gives you a peace of mind and joy. Honesty also gives meaning to life. You may wonder how. You will have positive bonds with other individuals, make you trustworthy, and your conscience will be clear.

However, honesty of character goes hand and hand with morality. Also, honesty isn’t taught; its a trait that cultivated. Along with honesty, there is integrity, and with that face issues every day that we conquer. Most of the time it is used in this modern society to prevent social decay. When all is said and done, honesty is vital part of our life. It depends on who we are as a person, how we behave, and determines our life choices. Honesty itself is a moral success; why not use it?