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automobile experts recommend that vehicles undergo a basic tune-up once every
thirty thousand miles or approximately every two years. Just like a normal vehicle, an RC race car will also require
occasional tuning and servicing, just
like how people need yearly appointments with their doctors to optimize
performance. As RC cars are used in extreme conditions, such as under high heat
and swing in a high rotation per minute (RPM), it is more likely that it will
subject to more risks of breaking down than a normal remote car. Routine
maintenance can address many potential issues before they become a huge
expense. In much cases, an obvious problem
in a vehicle usually indicates that it’s already too late to be fixed. Dynamic tuning is not only the modification of the
performance of a vehicle, it can also be capable to fix a certain vehicle to
run in its most optimum state. This is important to a performance vehicle as
most of the time it is the little differences that decides if the car is the
fastest, or not. A tuned RC car will be able to have all its components
function in a longer lifespan, as they are constantly checked and taken care of,
besides being able to provide better fuel economy and produce more power. To
the remote control car players too, a dyno also provides them a wide range of
technical data regarding their car that they would need in evaluating its