Mother and Blindingly Bright Light

Short Story: ‘He never could resist temptation.

‘ opened his eyes and felt Just as If his head had thumped Into blindingly bright light. “Still What I’ve done?? ‘ the words tumbled out of his mouth as he screwed up his eyes again. Doctors menacing words still twirled his mind “I’m afraid, you’ve got your leg broken my boy”. He once again heard screeching voice.

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“l must have obeyed my father!! ” He was now releasing his anguish in sobs which racked his whole body. He peered out of the window to have a desk at the sky.It was covered with dark, raged and mulattos clouds which were scuttling past It blocking even the little glimmer of moon. Suddenly, the slow howling wind took the form of a storm. The leaves rustled in trees producing heavy groaning sounds, until they went with the wind and pattered against the window through which he was having a glance outside. Soon, flashes of forked lightening and thunderclaps came close upon each other reminding him everything about previous night. “Listen my sons I and your mom, we both I mean obviously are going outside the town for some days.

Now it’s up to you to take care of our sweet little home right!! ” “l got that dad” he said, grinning ear-to-ear. “Can I bank on you?!! ” “Of course you can” “Will you take care of everything? “Ah…

… Heal” He saw his father ambling his way towards door. As soon as he heard their cars engine bursting into life and saw the car whizzing past the home, he muttered to himself. “l don’t think, it would be a Herculean Task to take care of the house.But after watching television for 3 hours he was stultified. “What should I do? What should I do now?? ” standing up to his feet, he stretched his arms In the arm, trying to relax himself after sitting in one position for so long.

His eyes swirled around. He found everything dull and tedious but saw only one shimmering thing: the keys of the car. He never could resist temptation. Forgetting his father’s ominous Written by: Relearn Saved warning he dashed towards them, picked them, heaved open the door and hurled himself outside.

The area around him was coffined in thick fog which could be cut with a knife. “Well! I think I’m mature enough to drive that red vehicle waiting’ for me with a baited breath”. He said while slamming the door of the house behind him. The weather was nippy. Within a blink of an eyelash he was inside the car. “Let’s see what I can do with It? ” The tires squealed as he rounded a bend at the corner of the street. First few seconds went well.

But in the end, breaks screeched and a tree fell to the ground.