Motivation enhance its employees’ motivation. This can be

Motivation is seen as one of the most important factors in issues related to human resources management (HRM) and organizational behavior management (Lathem, 2007). Despite the existence different and sometimes conflicting views about motivation, its role and significance in management and psychology in general and in the management of human resources and organizational behavior in particulare is undeniable. The study of motivation and behavior requires finding responses to a number ofquestions related to human beings. In the today’s world, the competition-based busineess and active participation in the global economy is an unavoidable issue and the survival in this areana requires the possession of competetive advanages and having superiority over other competitiors. In addition, one of the foundations of the compettion and competetiveness is to attract and maintan more and more customers and this is not possible unless by providing better services and paying more attention to customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. Today, one of the goals of sublime organizations is the delivery of high quality products or services at the right time and validating products and services so that they can play their role and achieve profitability by satisfying their customers. Customer-orientation is highly significant for superior and successful organizations to the extent that according to Deming, “if your final goal is to gain competitiveness, remaining in business and entrauprenurship, you should make the improvement of the quality of products and services as your constant goal” (Hersi, 2009, p. 135). Therefore, the management must look for solutions and techinques so that it could enhance its employees’ motivation. This can be done by rewarding and acknoledging them or throgh job rotation. Low employee motivation at work may reduce the efficiency and effectiveness in the organization, leading ultimatley to the reduced organizational productivity, reduced production, employees’ dissatisfaction with the organization, and thus the failure of the organization. Consequently, eac organization has to adopt the needed policies and strategies to improve the employee motivation (Abbas Zadeh, 1995).