Motivation why and how diversity has such an

Motivation forResearch            Studentprograms in higher education implemented for improving student retention leadto positive learning results for all students when diverse students were widespread.This research conducts a study as a probing study using literature review focusedon retention, diverse, underrepresented students, and higher education. Thisresearch is important because it could help higher education institutions withthe concept on how to sustain populations of diversity to guarantee that theperks of retention are successfully received. This research is investigatingthe concern of why and how diversity has such an influence on retention inhigher education for African-Americans at any institution, either predominatelywhite or African American institution.            Upongraduating in 1988 from a low-income, rural high school in Alabama, with thedesire to succeed and receive an education at an institute of higher education,this uneasy feeling of feeling alone, especially when it came to race andethnicity, played an important factor in enrolling in a traditionally white university.

When arriving on campus, meeting diverse students from different races, ethnicbackgrounds, and nationalities, combatted the idea that this university wasdiverse. Engaging in conversations with students from diverse locations,cultures, and languages proved be a wonderful learning experience. Unfortunately,the classroom and campus culture disputed that this was a campus of diversity,because African American students were definitely underrepresented. As the semesterbegan, African-American students were present in class, but the semestercontinued, the presence of African-American student numbers would tremendouslyreduce in the classroom. As it was revealed, African American students on campuswere faced with retention and graduation issues. Questions were raisedconcerning the outcome of the African-American community on this campus and allother campuses of higher education institutions. Where are the African Americancollege students?  What factorsdetermined the outcomes and experiences of these minority students? What couldbe orchestrated    andwould make an impact to retain African Americans on campus.

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