Moving to America and Learning English

“How much I pay for school ?” and “ How much I learn from school?”. I have come to the United States without knowledge of English. I wasn’t good at English in high school, and it is my weakness in my report card.

My background in English was an intangible picture, and I thought that English came from the otherworld. However, everything has changed when I came to the America, and I have seen the English picture is more clearly than ever. My title is “English is as tasty as chilly” because English is colorful but it spicy inside which mean it gets harder when we get into it. Moreover, I have learned in my English 97/98 such as the experiences of the new culture by reading the article name “Taking Potluck”and two skills that it will help me through college life and future are summarizing and thesis statement.

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At the beginning of my summer quarter, I have a chance to read the article name “ Taking Potluck” that is talks about the American culture. It explains people go to the party in the United States “I recommend you make potato salad lang take the paprika shaker along with you” (116-117). I have learned the new idea of this article that I will have the experiences when I have an invitation from my friend in America. I will know what I should bring and eat at the party. I think this idea is interesting because I have never seen it in my culture. In Vietnam, people usually bring liquor or beer as a gift to the party.

Also, they cook and get ready for guest, so they just come and enjoys.Moreover, I believe that learn a new culture, where we live, is the respect to local people same as learning a foreign language. I can’t predict my future, but I might work in the United States. I will have chance that my boss will invite me to this potluck party so I will know what I should do at the party.

Also, I had learned about the summarizing skill when I wrote my second essay in my English class. I was confusin…