Muhammads Rise

Muhammad Rise Muhammad originates from the Arabian Peninsula, which at his time was a barren wasteland.

Scorching heat and frigid cold left the area with little vegetation and scarce inhabitation. This description is to help paint the picture for the, “harsh circumstances into which the religion was born” (Explore Islam, 2014). Muhammad was Just six years old when he lost his widowed mother. He was raised as a camel herder, by his uncle, and would continue this social position until age 25.This is when he married an wealthy woman, 15 years his senior. He then moved into a legman position for his wife’s trading business. Muhammad would later use his experiences from his travels to add to his “revelations” from Allah. Curran Is the Arabic word for “recitation” or “reading”.

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The revelations given to Muhammad, were collected and placed in book format, named the Koran. The Koran is a recitation of Muhammad revelations. “The revelations that continued to come over the next 20 years were sometimes terse and short, at other times elaborate and poetic” (Islam, 2014).According to biographers of that time frame, there was record of only one death related to the Muslims. This was the death of an elderly woman, due to stress. The stories of persecution and violence towards the Muslims, are Just that, stories. Muslims were, in fact, the first to become violent and militant.

However, Muslims were constantly being mocked and ridiculed in regards to their beliefs. Muhammad flight to Medina in 622, marks the beginning of the Muslim Calendar.Muhammad made a political alliance in Medina so that he could dominate the Mecca’s and their religious beliefs. This finally pushed the Mecca’s over the edge, they decided on the capture and assignation of Muhammad.

The Mecca’s, however, were not interested n persecuting all of Muhammad followers, Just Muhammad himself. Muhammad return to Mecca, six years later, was a ploy to take control of Mecca and its people. Muhammad peacefully agreed to the Mecca terms, only to be let back into Mecca and create a large following so he could take control of Mecca.According to www. Trigonometrically. Com, many myths exist which place all the violence and persecution at the hands of the Mecca’s. When In fact, the Muslims, were the group consistently resorting to violence and persecution. As stated earlier, the Muslim Calendar begins in 622 as Muhammad fled to Medina.

This would also mark the establishment of the Islamic religion. Muslim history and origination is a violent story of assumption of power by Muhammad.Even as Muhammad aged his rule became more and more violent and what Christians would believe as ungodly. His rise to power consisted of religious persecutions, rape, murder and all-out war against all other beliefs.

In Muhammad words: “l have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah. ‘ And If they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Cabala and slaughter as we slaughter, then their loot and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with 8:387).The revelations, as portrayed by mentioned sources, are aimed solely at aiding Muhammad rise to power. They were violent and completely against the meaning of Islam. Islam means submission to the will of God and denounce to Nils law.

From ten sources It would appear Manama saw enamels as the god of Islam. Although these sources could be biased, history shows they are not completely wrong. With further study I am sure a different view or stance could be taken.

As I understand it, Islam is the furthest from a peaceful or peace driven religion.