In our last discussion, I believe that everyone in this course is ready to move forward in their path to the success, and always learning by different leaders. In this case Alan Manually is one of the greatest leaders of the century , not Just because is a good guy, also for his leadership style ,the way how he lead Ford, because before Allan Manually was hired Ford had lost in the way. He took over as Ford CEO in September 2006 during that time he knows a little bit about of the automobile industry because n the past he was the CEO of Boeing.I believe that it was the right decision to hire Manually because when he was working at Boeing he made different contributions in the development of the company. At that time Ford was in bankrupt, so under Manually management everything started to change for FORD Company.

Therefore,Manually was an effective leader because was guided by his values , always empowering to the people that surrounded him and the most important his positive style of leadership always with a solution in his hands . My own point of view Manually has the level 5 characteristics because he possess the capacity to transform organizations, his humility that others leaders not possess. Moreover,Manually understand that every organization needs a vision about the changes that the company need for the future , with the development of new models, and the most important get a profit on behalf of the company. Another aspect about Manually is that include everybody the moment to develop plans, goals, so this represent the developing a collecting of point of view f all the people who works for him, so everybody must be interact.In my own point of view I believe that Manually is a great leader because always contribute with others and something that imprisoned me is about the role of spirituality that he possess, because all the time he is happy and being emotionally well allow him to do the things better, so leaders as Manually always come up with ideas, develop to the people that surround him ,and all this aspects improved the overall performance of the company.

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