My because I helped them. During my A-levels

My motivation for teachingincreased after I completed classroom experience at Haybridge High School andSixth Form. During the day I shadowed year 8 drama, year 12 sociology and year12  business and economics. I wasintrigued by the different types of teaching methods in all 3 classes and I ameager to start implementing my own teaching techniques and pass on knowledge. Iwill be completing at least 2 weeks classroom experience before the summer andlooking forward to learn more about teaching . I have also worked with youngadults with autism and learning difficulties part time for the past 3 years.This taught me flexibility, to adapt to different types of communication andactivities depending on the individual and ensure to involve everyone whenpreparing group activities. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing themreach a goal because I helped them. During my A-levels I startedacademic and personal mentoring and I have been doing it ever since.

Personalmentoring taught me how a word of wisdom and constructive guidance and teachingcan transform the attitude of a mentee. I help my mentees to develop their businessstudies revision notes, find what style of revision works for them andformulate revision timetables. My experience as a mentor has improved myorganizational, planning and communication skills. I went on to witness mymentees achieve their academic goals and grow as individuals. I have always had a heart forhelping and empowering young adults and teenagers. I want to become a teacher,so I can mentor and inspire students.

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Teaching is not just about inputting subjectknowledge for me, it goes as further as moulding students into their bestselves beyond academics, being able to give confidence and prepare them for thefuture. I completed my Accounting and Finance degree in 2016 with a 2:1 (BAHonours). The modules which specifically increased my subject knowledge were,business economics and law, business finance decisions, advanced financial reporting,advanced managing performance and international corporate finance. I studied Businessstudies GCSE and A Level, I enjoyed the subject and hence why I want to teachit.