My Best Friend’s Secret

Taking her by surprised, she put her cell phone apart and settle herself comfortably into her seat as if he was about to say something big. L met a guy” she said with her eyes gleaming with joy that soon faded away “But he doesn’t live here” she added looking dejected. At first I felt slightly offended because she hadn’t told me but soon she updated me on all the details. Everything sounded wonderful until the part in which she made me promise not to tell anything to her family about her trip with him. Deeply apprehensive, I couldn’t sleep a wink the whole week. I couldn’t let my best friend go away with a complete stranger. Having tried to convinced her several times not to go, I finally made up my mind: I would tell her parents.

It was no long until she knew what I had done. In spite of my efforts to talked over it, Ally avoid me in every opportunity. However, after a long week, her company at lunch come as a surprise to me. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t want anything happened to you” said, trying to make her see my point of view. “l know, I’m here to say sorry, it was ridiculous. It could have been really risky, and what is more, he has a girlfriend” tried to cheer her up make, and after a few minutes we were both collapsing in gales Of laughter as usual.