MY Bhagalpur. Most of the rural illiterate people


 During my tenure of SUPA. I got to learn many things.
First I understood the way ngo works    and
joined them in this selfless action.

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3.1        I
was told to make proposal for their new project CHILD MARRIAGE for raising


     Child marriage is still major concern in
Bhagalpur. Most of the rural illiterate people are not aware about the
consequences that can lead due to the child marriage.

Notwithstanding the laws, child marriage in Bihar particularly
in rural areas is a reality, with the percentage of under-age marriages
touching as high as 50 per cent in 340 blocks, says a new study. Bihar tops the list amongst states with high incidences of child
marriage. As per (

To remove this problem Bihar came up with many steps like

 Bandhan tod app
Launched by former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi which was done
to create awareness on resisting child marriage and also provided
round-the-clock help to adolescent girls saying no to the practice in the form
of an SOS button.

And campaigns launched
by Nitish Kumar to raise awareness among people.

But still Bihar is dealing
with the same problem, Disha Gramin Vikas Manch is taking a bold step to eliminate
this program from Bihar in which their first step will start from Bhagalpur

I was told to
write about the causes and consequences of child marriage which can be used in
awareing people.

The various steps
that can be used as mass awareness by the ngo to resolve this problem.

3.2        I
Made biannual report of NGO from month of April till month of December.

·       The report consists of several cases that was
dealt by the team members during this period. The core cases are medical,
shelter, child labour, restoration/repatriation, protection from abuse,
conflict with law, sponsorship, missing/child lost and found, parents asking
help, emotional support and guidance case, case referred by other childline.

              and i also made the individual
report of the members.

The report consisted of the monthly visit
to school, village, anganbadi.

The report also consisted of several
meetings with the stakeholders of ngo like CWC, labour supretindent, child
home, police doctors etc.,

I made the report on these cases, visit and meetings done in one month by an
ngo, and also number of core cases done by the individual.


  Organized blanket distribution for the poor
people. Gathered people from nearby village. interacted with them, told them
about childline and its helpline number 1098. While interacting with them, I
found that, the girls of their village were married at very early age, so as I
was working on the making of proposal of new project child marriage, I told
them about the consequences of the early marriages, but through interaction I
found that parents were bounded by the society to do such practices.


    As a part of NGO’s monthly visit, i got a
chance to visit

·       Anganwadi visit – It is a government
sponsored child care and mother care development programmes in India at village
level. It caters to children in the 0-6 age group. They were started by the
Indian government in 1975 as part of the integrated child development services
program to combat child hunger and malnutrition.

There I made a report on how many children are coming and still
suffering from malnutrition.

How many children are disabled?

The quality of food used by the staff for preparation of food.

I also interacted with the children, made them recite few poems and had
small game activity with them, which was really enjoyable and even I got to
know about the learnings of Anganwadi.

   I was sent out for outreach in
budhanath slum area. There I met a family who were not sending their 7-year-old
son to school and he was made to help them in their small family shop. I
interacted with the family and told them about the importance of knowledge in
today’s world. After a lot of argument child’s mother finally agreed for the
admission of the child.

I took the details of the child and gave it to my ngo, who further took
steps regarding the admission of the boy.



·       More
number of CHILDLINE campaign should be arranged to generate awareness among
people and also among the stakeholders.

·       Should
have own shelter homes, which will reduce the dependency on the child homes and

·       Establish
a strong network with CWC and CHILDLINE’S.

·       Staff’s
should be paid regularly, for the efficient working of NGO.

·       Should
ask child homes and orphanage to improve their infrastructure and quality of
food being supplied to children.


For raising awareness, they can choose the
place like railway station, hospital, slum areas,

·       Symbolic
hoardings at and around these places.

·       Should also
update website regularly.

·       Can use
Facebook and YouTube for raising awareness at large level.

·       Can
distribute pamphlets to the passenger of trains and patients of hospital.