My Big Faith

All my life I have been a Christian; it is what I’ve learned to be. How big is my faith? I understand that sometimes we’re not as prepared to answer questions about our faith. I can tell you that my faith is quite large but we all have a moment in life where we have lost a little faith and hope, we all thought and said “there is no point” “is not worth it” or simply stopped believing in ourselves and to have faith you have to find yourself and accept yourself. Those moments, full of problems or challenges are test for our faith that the Lord gives us, it is when we turn to God immediately and most of the times we are wrong. We are wrong because when we have those situations that is when we remember God and hope that he will answer that moment. I always give thanks to God for a new day and always ask for more sunrises, I pray for our health and especially mine, my family and friends and those in need, I also ask for more wisdom.

Every morning I ask for something, usually I ask for the same things. I can ask anything to God, but I would never ask for bad things or some tragedy. When we have faith we can ask anything to God. Of course, we have to ask God with faith, and not with a foolish heart thinking about the material world. Sometimes, rather, it is, and I find it hard to believe in miracles, but in those difficult moments in our lives is where our faith must overcome our weaknesses. God always gives either a miracle or another blessing. For example, in my case, I was waiting for the results of the universities that I had already applied, at first only two answered me and unfortunately did not accept me.

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When I saw that they didn’t accept me and the other university had not answered me I felt so bad. I felt disappointed at myself so I started to give up; I had lost my faith in that moment. Why did I lost my faith? Because my dream since I was young was to go to college outside of Puerto Rico. But my mom didn’t let me to .