My country Congo

To start with, Rwanda is one of the aggressor countries. In 1996, the Rwanda Army went in the east of Congo. Their motifs were to track the persecutors of genocide committed in Rwanda. Some of these persecutors fled to Congo in refugee camps. But the fact is few years after the Rwanda army occupant the east of Congo, Rwanda has been ranking higher in mining richness in the world.

Furthermore, Rwanda has not any resource of richness In their territory. From that time, Rwanda start to create rebels groups In the east of Congo. They attack people, kill, rape women and nouns ladies.They force young boys to work for them. The one way to do the rebellion was the exchange of weapons for gold, diamond, and Coolant (columbine atonality, niobium, and tantalum). People who are doing these activities don’t want the end of war in Congo because they get this material almost for free. According to Dry.

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Luther King, “The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige and even his life for the welfare of others,” but Condo’s neighbors treat Congolese as animals. I en second problem Is Tanat Congo NAS more tan SIX nearer languages.French Is the administrative language. This has affected the country to reach its apogee. To start with, the record of fault in work has been the daily news in Congo. For example, in province of Southern Kiev there are more than two administrative authorities has been suspended in one year because of fault in work. Its means they didn’t do their jobs correctly as they suppose to do it. This is not because these authorities don’t know how to do their Jobs, but it is because they have difficulty to speak and write French very well.

Moreover, in the education field also the big percentages of students who graduate in high school are not able to write and speak French very well. For example, I remember in villages where people are not familiar with modern civilization, as it is in downtown and where most services were done in French. They don’t use French all the time, and at high school even though it is a requirement for students and instructors to speak French. They aren’t able to speak it. Furthermore, a lot of people didn’t go to school at all, and that mean they are not able to speak or rite French.

All in all, language has affected the country to reach its development. Most important, the poverty came from the selfishness of political authorities. First, since the independence of Congo, it is now fifty-four years. Right now, Congo should count ten or at least eight presidents in power for all these years, but Congo counts only five presidents in fifty-four years.

For instance, the late President Niobium Seek Kewaunee Whiz-bang was president of Congo. He changed the name to Zaire. He worked as president for thirty-five years.After only five years in power, he stopped paying public workers.

He took out all the money he could invest in the country. He opened his bank accounts in stranger countries. He was ranked among wealth people in the world. He would like to Change the system of republic to the Kingdom, but that idea come to him very late when he became sick.

No one could support him. Moreover, the public service workers didn’t get their salary legally during thirty years when Niobium was in power. They started to cheat or practice corruption in the work place.

Most of them bought houses and opened the small business. The actual president is doing as the same as Niobium did. In conclusion, the selfishness of political authorities has thrown the country in poverty. The mining richness, multi languages, and selfishness affected the Republic Democratic of Congo.

I have a dream that Congo will be developed one day when these three serious problems will work in reverse direction. The selfishness changed to altruistic, and will facilitate the legal business of mining richness. One native language becomes administrative language.Dry.

Martin Luther King Jar. Said, “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan. ” Like Congo, the United States used to have a lot of problems but when the people in the country started to learn from their mistakes, everything changed. This change will be possible with the help of United States as it always helped other nations. Glenn Littered said, “Problems are like washing machines.

They twist; they spin, and knock us around. But in the end we come out cleaner.