My Family Experience

When most kids are growing up,most kids don’t experience some things like other kids do. I have gone through things that most of my friends and families never went through. I’ve experienced things I never imagined I would have.

When I was little I always asked my adoptive parents back home why they were so much older than all my friends parents. They never answered my questions. They always put it off with some excuse.

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One day when I was about 12 it all came out and I got told how my life all started. So here’s mine and my family’s story. Around the time of June of the year I turned 12 I asked my adoptive parents once again why they were so much older. They told me that when my birth mom found out that I was a girl she didn’t want me, she only wanted boys. She came into my house and told my adoptive mom that she was having a girl.

My birth mom beat on everything and tore up everything in sight. A few weeks or a month later she went and had an ultrasound. She asked the doctor if it was too late to have an abortion.

The doctor told her yes, she was too far along in pregnancy. She tried everything she could do from that point on to have a miscarriage. About 6 months into her pregnancy she picked up a very big heavy box and tried carrying it. The next day she went to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor thought she lost me. The ultrasound finally found a light heartbeat to prove I wasn’t dead. I was alive. A week before I was born my biological parents had a very bad car accident. Once again they thought I was not alive.

My dad got seriously hurt. He had about 6 ribs broke if not more. No one really knows what all happened to my birth mom during the wreck. On June 27, 1999 at 12:04 p.

m. I was born. My birth mother would not hold or touch me. Only my biological father would.

I went home a few days later and a few days later my biological dad had to go back onto the road for work. So it was just me and my birth mom and my parent…