My favorite city

My favorite city is the city where I live, Miami.

It is a great city for several reasons. I chose to live in Miami because I am an immigrant and it is a multicultural city where you can find different cultures, races and almost everyone speaks English and Spanish which is advantage for me. Probably some of you think that it is not a quiet city to live and that’s true, but that is one the principal reasons that I like to live in this city; I’m young and I am not prepared to live in a boring city yet.

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If you are looking or the biggest party of your life you can find it, on the other hand if you need a quiet place to spend some time with your friends and your family you have a lot of options, many restaurants, parks, beaches, bars, cultural centers, etc. Miami has fantastic weather. It is summer almost all year long. That could be one of the main reasons why Miami is visited by a lot of tourist all year long. According to data released by the US National Travel and Tourism Office Miami was the second most visited city in theUS with more than over 4 million visitors in 2013. It’s increased 15% from 2012. When I came to Miami the first thing that I loved was its views.

I don’t know if you have experienced the same feeling but when I saw this amazing city with the most beautiful skyline that I had ever seen In my life. Wow!!!! I can’t describe how emotional it was. Miami also is a good place to find a decent Job. It has many companies and factories; therefore you could get a Job related to the field which you are studying.Moreover, you have a lot of opportunities to start a small business In Miami.

Furthermore there are many fast food restaurants so you could easily find a job working part time if you are a student. Miami Is all for me. It Is my home, my vacation, my lifestyle and It Is more than I expected.

Every day this city surprises me with a new fancy place or a new opportunity for me to reach my goals. I don’t know If I may change my mind about It In the future but right now I can’t Imagine my life In a better city than this.