My Favorite Things About Spring

Looking out the window to the outside world at the birds singing and the flowers blooming is the best.

The only thing that could make it better is when the bees start buzzing around the flowers, giving the flowers more life.That very scene is one of the reasons why I have come to admire the spring time so much. Spring means warming temperatures that allows you to go for walks and beautiful nature. Spring means children playing in the park and families coming together for picnics. Spring means Easter and break from school.

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Spring means my favorite time of the year has finally arrived. I have always loved the season of spring. Growing up, it was because of the smells and of the beautiful colors, just like every other person out there.But now that I’m older, I have realized I love spring for reasons most people don’t– such as the smell of fresh cut grass, or the cool breeze that causes the pollen to blow around. Sure, I don’t like sneezing all the time, but something about spring allows me to prepare my yard for the season ahead. There is no time of year other than spring where you can sit out in the park and admire nature at work.

How could that not enlighten you? Just thinking about it puts a smile in my heart. Having spring time is the best reason to not let anything keep you from going outside to enjoy the world. Spring time is like a big ball of sunshine, perfect and joyful. Even though not many people agree with me on this, one of my favorite things about spring in my eyes is how everyone is preparing to be outside more.

I love to watch the kids and their families play outside. I love to watch the little children chase butterflies and to blow bubbles into the warm spring skies. With my family, the spring cleaning starts on the first day as we clean out the clutter from the house and from outside the house. My family also likes to take mini vacations down to the beaches for spring break.I enjoy that feeling of putti.