My First Cultural Experience

This report is about my first visit to an ASL Cultural Event. My goal is to report my observations of my visit. Upon arriving I noticed everyone seemed to be paired with someone else or in a group either signing or talking quietly. When the rest of my classmates arrived, we stood around and chatted with each other for a few minutes before deciding to sit at the table with a few other people. The people at the table did not acknowledge us so we talked among ourselves while watching others move about and sign to each other. We practiced some ASL signs among ourselves before buying dinner. While we ate dinner, a few people asked our names in sign language and verbally about our class level. Once they learned we are in level one they went on their way.

I noticed that there was a young couple there with two small children. I heard someone say the father was in his third ASL class.It was obvious that he much more fluent with his signing than the few of us in level one.

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His oldest daughter came over to me and ask me in sign language what my name was, and I signed it to her. Unfortunately, she did not understand the spelling of my name so she asked me verbally and I told her. I signed that I was learning ASL and she understood. I asked her how to sign how old, and she showed me and signed that she is 8 years old. I asked her how to sign beautiful and she signed that as well.I signed that she is beautiful and she thanked me and left to talk to someone else. I found that it was very awkward trying to talk with my limited sign language skill set. A lady came over to the table with her seeing eye dog and talked to several different people at the table in sign language.

Luckily, for me, one of the students at the table had a friend with her that is an interpreter. The interpreter translated for us what was being said. A few club members stopped by the table to tell us about the Club membership. Thank goodness, she used both verbal and sig…