My first day taking an online course

When I first decided I would retake my college studies after over fifteen years of not taking a studying book in my hands, little did I know what the process had In stock for me. It all started one day at work while talking to some fellow co-workers about a NEW JOB posting position which represented a huge of professional growth.

I knew I had the knowledge, the expertise and the guts to do the Job successfully.Nevertheless, I also knew that since It was a management position I loud need a college degree, which I didn’t have. So, I decided not to let this solution back me down. Instead, I took matters In my hands and enrolled In an online course with expectancy and determination. When I finally started taking the courses I felt a little lost mainly because after a long day of work all I wanted was to rest and finish the modules as fast as I could, but I was determined and engaged In overcoming a barrier that was retrieving me from my professional goals.

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After a while and many tries I discovered that by reading, following instructions and cordially contacting the professors I would be on my way to overcome my first day as an online student. After that first day, the rest fell in to place. I managed to develop a schedule and make a balance between my professional, educational and personal life. Though I do have to admit it’s not easy and at times I feel like quitting, one thought crosses my mind “The best fighter is not the one who always wins, but the one who turns into battle without fear… ” Dolores Barrier.

I will prevail!!